<i>Jussie Smollett</i> Did The <b><i>Real</i></b> Lynching

Jussie Smollett Did The Real Lynching

Will Smollett go to jail for his disgusting racist crime? Or will Chicago law enforcement again bend over backward to try not to look racist or homophobic? The Left have already done what they can to say, “Well, it wasn’t right, what he did, but you can certainly understand it!”  Nope. I can’t. If you can understand perpetrating a fraud that you know will cause harm to millions of innocent people, in order to get more money, then you have a serious problem.  Smollett’s crime proved pretty conclusively that the basic premise on which he committed it is false. In a truly oppressive country, you don’t need to fabricate oppression. It’s a feature of the system.

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A Heartbreaking Post

A Heartbreaking Post

There’s a marked increase in hostility on the Right, directed to the Right. However, if the Left were ever to engage in any kind of in-depth introspection, leftism would fall apart like the intellectual house-of-cards it is. It would become nothing more than a vast collection of tiny, spluttering splinter groups feuding and scrapping over tiny niche issues, well below the radar of a media corps too power-hungry to focus on such penny-ante flapdoodle.

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Wish I’D Said That! (2/1/19)

“The notion that conservatives are the dogmatists and progressives are the free-thinkers is one of the greatest triumphs in the history of the intellectual marketing of bullsh**. Conservatives simply acknowledge that we have dogma, that some questions are settled, and that while they can be questioned or revisited, the amount of new evidence required to overturn them should be monumental and decisive, not faddish and rationalized in the emotions of the moment.”

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Why The Right Always Wins Arguments With The Left

Leftist ideas are old, fat, flaccid, weak, feeble. It’s because those ideas go unchallenged in all the places where they should be most vigorously challenged: academia, the press, Hollywood, pop culture. While Conservative ideas are attacked from all those same angles, as well as from others, as soon as they emerge. The result: we on the Right are constantly honing, and adjusting, and re-adjusting, and adding and discarding, testing, testing and re-testing, until we have something that’s coherent and makes sense. We actually like to test out ideas, because we love the challenge of actually solving problems. The Left wants power.   Continue reading Why The Right Always Wins Arguments With The Left

A Hopeful Sign — the American Left is ALREADY Devouring Its Own — Or: LEFTIST PRIVILEGE

A Hopeful Sign — the American Left is ALREADY Devouring Its Own — Or: LEFTIST PRIVILEGE

Okay… let’s spell it out. When these leftists figured that BECAUSE they were of the Left, they could expose themselves, rub themselves, grope, grab, kiss, rub, massage, fondle, caress, molest, hug, squeeze anyone, and anyTHING on anyone, they wanted… and get clean away with it… they were right. It was, and still is, Leftist Privilege! Continue reading A Hopeful Sign — the American Left is ALREADY Devouring Its Own — Or: LEFTIST PRIVILEGE