*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

There is no Trump cult, and there never was.


The Right, with its heavy emphasis on individual responsibility, and individual liberties, and individual rights is overloaded with anti-bodies against any cult-like behaviors or inclinations.


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Another Interesting FB Exchange

Another Interesting FB Exchange

I’m JUST FINE with making unsubstantiated, unsupported allegations against widely-known public figures. The assumption IS reasonable that others have heard it all before, and are familiar with the background and any supporting FACTS that might buttress the allegations.


However, if then CHALLENGED to DEMONSTRATE that you know the facts behind the allegations, you DO have a moral duty to do that. Else you suggest that you’re merely swallowing uncritically that which the media, who’ve long proven themselves to be dishonest fraud merchants, have been dishing out. Much of the idea “out there” that Trump is evil has EXACTLY that origin.


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An Instructive Conversation on Facebook

An Instructive Conversation on Facebook

Name-calling is juvenile, and hardens the target against your arguments. Fabrications are easy to knock aside — like the silly New York Times article. And the irrational — like pretending that you know anyone else’s experience, and how it affected him or her — makes it valid to suggest that the rest of your arguments are just as unserious.


Avoid the hasty conclusion that suggests that you think there’s only your way or the idiot’s way.


Others who believe differently are NOT, by definition, idiots. Others who think differently are NOT, by definition, bigots or racists. Others who perceive things differently are NOT, by definition, fascists or Nazis.


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Facebook = The Russians

Facebook = The Russians

I’m still not sure how I come down on this in terms of regulating Facebook, or not, but let’s not kid ourselves: Facebook, and the other socialist media are giving the equivalent of untold billions of dollars in free money and services to Democrats across the nation in the upcoming election.


This is just the logical extension of the Obama Administration’s aggressive silencing of Conservative political voices into the private sector.


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Russia’s Helping the Sanders Campaign, and We Have Some Thoughts

Bernie Sanders, the senile old Bolshie-loving, half-witted crackpot… is the leading contender for the Democrat Party’s nomination to run for President in 2020. I defy you to show me anything else that is more emblematic of that party’s final descent into decrepitude and madness. A descent that started, by the way, long, long ago, when it was the party of slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, segregation and more. Now it’s the party of death at both ends of life, of anti-semitism, of terrorism, of Socialism, of corruption, of senile leadership, of censorship, shout-downs, street thugs, goons and fascists, of grifting, mooching, and decadence, of worse than intellectual laziness: intellectual slovenliness.


About those failings — slavery, Jim Crow, Eugenics, love for Socialism-Fascism-Naziism, segregation and more — they’re symptoms of disease and degradation. For any party to survive, it must expel these things. If you study history, you see that the Democrat Party has never renounced those aspects of its past, as the Republicans did. Remember, the Republicans publicly renounced the John Birch Society, Richard Nixon, and nearly every one of its elected officials who ever might have shown even the remotest possibility that he was tainted by anything. (cf, eg: Trent Lott, et al) A body riddled with these intellectual and social diseases cannot survive forever. The only way the Democrats have survived this far is by denying these important parts of their past were ever in their past, and then by projecting them, with the assistance of a sheeplike media corps, onto Republicans, who had always opposed them. The problem for the Democrats is that the rot was still in them, and it ate out any substantive core for the Dems to fall back on, any solid foundation of ideas or beliefs, any core tenets from which to construct intelligent, rational platforms and campaigns. They have nothing left but the litany you’ve all heard by now: Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Transphobe! Islamophobe! You hate women! You hate minorities! You hate children! (says the party of abortion), You’re all meanies! All that meaningless, substanceless codswallop left an open field for idiots like Bernie Sanders.


The Dems are saying: We’ll see your eccentric, unpredictable wildcard,  and raise you one psychotic, unhinged, bolshie-loving nutjob… Your move!


The larboard trajectory of the American Democrat Party is already set in place. That happened long ago. The party is like a ballistic missile pointed hard-left, and the colonel, long ago (in 1972? in 1916?) hollered, “Fire!”


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In Iran Right Now…

It’s indisputable that, in the context of the Iran nuclear “deal,” the Iranian régime played the Obama administration for a bunch of fools. It wasn’t difficult; the Obama administration was peopled mainly by idiots, led by its egomaniacal idiot-in-chief. The Iran nuclear “deal” was cobbled together by corrupt, left-wing idiots on the American side and, on the Iranian side, by amoral baboons who realized full well that they were negotiating with idiots. What chance, really, did it have of being something good or positive? More to the point, what chance did the deal actually have of curbing Iran’s nuclear power ambitions?


No chance of either.


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Let’s Stop Pretending

Our kind of generalized understanding that politicians are amoral scoundrels and mountebanks, along with our expectation that they act like decent, honorable, public-spirited public servants, are perfectly mutually exclusive things.


How is it somehow worse that Trump actually lives up to our general expectations of politicians, but it’s better that Barack Obama was a smooth, graceful, eloquent, persuasive… gangster?


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The Impeachment Articles…

The Democrats propose to impeach President Trump on the basis of [1] a poorly-formed, amorphous opinion and [2] a nonsense term that contains a left-handed acknowledgement that he was… doing his job.


And why?


If Trump is re-elected, the Left faces the loss of the senile Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as well as that doddering, reliably left-wing old fool, Stephen Breyer. The Democrats face the very bleak possibility of a series of sensible, intelligent Supreme Court decisions for as far as their dim eyes and brains can see.

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Climate Stuff: Climate Scientist Sums Up Some Important Things Nicely

Climate Stuff: Climate Scientist Sums Up Some Important Things Nicely

Climate change is happening… on Mars, on Jupiter, and, in fact, on every star, planet, minor planet, moon, quasar, black hole, neutron star, asteroid, white or brown dwarf, in every galaxy, in every galactic cluster, supercluster, mega-giga-jiga- supercluster (I made that last one up) in the universe. That’s all any climate does anywhere! Continue reading Climate Stuff: Climate Scientist Sums Up Some Important Things Nicely

C|Net (News) Headline: “Facebook ‘war room’ scrambles to combat fake election news”

Such a naive notion! Facebook doesn’t want to COMBAT fake election news, they want to CONTROL it. They want to be able to put out their OWN fake news, while preventing other sources of information from getting out there that might dispute what Facebook would allow to be said over their social medium. That’s all.     Continue reading C|Net (News) Headline: “Facebook ‘war room’ scrambles to combat fake election news”

Explaining the Relationship Between Trump and the Political Right — Simply

We view things and people on a continuum that stretches from REALLY bad (-10) to REALLY good (+10), and all points in-between. And THAT is the secret to the relationship between Donald Trump and us on the political Right. In the election of November, 2016, we had the choice between a minus SEVEN and a minus FOUR, and a lot of us — including me — voted for the less awful. It was the right thing to do, but almost none of us liked it. Not one bit. Continue reading Explaining the Relationship Between Trump and the Political Right — Simply

Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

Let’s face it: Trump merely says what the Democrats are always thinking anyway! At some point, we Republicans and Conservatives were going to have to stop being such patsies all the time. We should have done it a long time ago, and we should have done it with a better, smoother, more articulate spokesdude than Trump. But for now, Trump can deliver some MAJOR POSITIVES for us Conservatives and for America. Furthermore, for a very long time, we on the Right have needed to do something to counter the guns that the Left keeps bringing to the nice, polite, genteel knife-fights we keep inviting them to. Continue reading Republicans: Stop Flaking Out!

No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

If people would realize that a mature person’s feelings simply CAN’T BE hurt, then 95% of all the perfectly pointless problems in American inter-personal, inter-racial, inter-sex, inter-religious, inter-ANYTHING relations would… disappear. Overnight. So many Americans seem to be perfectly okay with being SCREWED just as long as the one wielding the screwdriver doesn’t say anything mean! What on EARTH is up with THAT?!? Continue reading No One Should EVER Be Able to Hurt Your Feelings

NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

NPR’s anchor implied that Pres. Trump is artificially keeping Obamacare premiums high in support of his agenda to rid the country of the law.
One might wonder where NPR was when Barack Obama stated outright his intent to raise energy prices to “painful” levels for tens of millions of Americans in order to support his political agenda. There was not a peep from NPR. I know. I listened. Continue reading NPR Watch (10/6/17) — NPR’s Selective Outrage

Leftist White Noise Is *Everywhere*

Leftist White Noise Is *Everywhere*

The American Left is not interested in nice things like education and science and discovering truths. They’re interested in power, and in bringing about whatever public state of mind supports their acquisition and retention of it. To support that goal, they’ve worked very hard to accomplish something very important: they’ve overwhelmed America with a steady 24/7/365 tsunami of leftist messages EVERYWHERE. Continue reading Leftist White Noise Is *Everywhere*

Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion

Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion

I’m not sure that the Trump Presidency is worse than what, with another Republican, likely would have been just an interregnum between the Obama Presidency and the next horror-show Democrat President. Furthermore, don’t forget: lovable, corrupt, witless old Bernie Sanders made it okay to call oneself a Socialist again. That means that the Democrat Party field for President in upcoming primaries will no longer, for the foreseeable future, be lacking an avowedly Socialist candidate for the Presidency. Great. –>    Continue reading Yet Another Masterful Column from Jonah Goldberg — and Some Discussion

NPR Watch (7/13/17) – Trump’s Disapproval Rating 80% in France

We Conservatives in the 1980’s “approved” of Mikhail Gorbachev because we thought he might bring the Soviet Union down. Nearly thirty years later, Europeans “approved” of Barack Obama because they hoped he’d do the same thing, if perhaps a bit less drastically, to America. It’s a sure bet that the French overwhelmingly “disapprove” of Trump because they fear that he’ll do for America the exact opposite of what Gorbachev did to the then Soviet Union, and make America stronger.  If they believe that an American President will not act in America’s best interests, then Europeans love him. Conversely, if they believe that the American President will operate in America’s best interests, they’ll hate him. Simple as that.  Continue reading NPR Watch (7/13/17) – Trump’s Disapproval Rating 80% in France

Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?

Remember: the collectivist, centralizing ideas of the Left have been around forever. They’re nothing more than the old hereditary monarchies and dictatorships, feudalism and serfdom, all wrapped up in pretty words like “progressive,” “justice,” “liberation” and “social justice.” From that perspective, yes, ideas supporting individual freedoms, liberties, free speech, democracy, limited government, are, indeed, radical and extremist. Is Trump a radical? Is he an extremist? Let’s hope so. Continue reading Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?