Feminists Consider Women to Be Weak, Indecisive, Paralyzed by Timidity…

Here’s an instructive read by the super sharp, up-and-coming writer and pundit, Katherine Timpf.

In her excellent column, Timpf sheds light on how modern feminism really thinks of women: as pathetic, feeble, quailing, whimpering little flowers, in need of a vast array of laws, complex rules, elaborate protocols and constant support just to get from one end of the day to the other.

Needless to say, Timpf is a bit put out by it all.

Here’s a passage from Timpf’s column:

“Feminist” professors in Canada are pushing for policies that would require professors to call on women first in class. Without this mandate, women will apparently be too afraid to speak up before a man has already spoken.

Some law professors stopped teaching rape law after “feminist” activists cried out that it could be too “triggering” for some women to learn about it. (The irony that this would result in fewer people capable of putting away rapists has apparently gone unnoticed.)

And the list goes on and on.

If we have so-called feminists out there who believe that female students are too weak to say no to sex, too terrified and inept to answer a question in class unless a man has answered first, and too sensitive to learn the things they need to know to succeed in their careers  — why is it surprising that some activists might say young women can’t handle a party?

Can you imagine that? A woman too terrified to answer a question in class unless a man has answered first? Holy mackerel!

I guess feminism has been a miserable failure! Weren’t we men supposed to be enlightened to the fact that women have always been strong, intelligent, wise, long-suffering, courageous pillars of society; veritable bulwarks against the storm, while the dim-bulb, feckless, generally drunk, shiftless, fat, belching male of the species sat on the couch watching football, scratching his arm pits, and ignoring the dirty dishes and rampaging children?

What ever happened to that super woman of such recent memory?

Timpf’s excellent piece finishes with:

In any case, as many in the feminist movement have pointed out, banning women from frat parties assumes that women are too stupid to make their own decisions and too weak to live their own lives without intrusive intervention. That criticism is exactly right.

Now, if only the same women who are angry about this could recognize how many of their own causes give women the same treatment.


Sometimes, we skeptics of feminism fixate on the anti-men component of feminism. Katherine Timpf reminds us that feminism holds women in contempt as well.

— xPraetorius

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