Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog! (Part 21)

— The Real Racism in America is on the Left — 

Recently Supreme Court Justice, and general low-functioning crank, Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that we don’t want more poor babies in America. In a post by the great Kevin Williamson, and another by Jonah Goldberg, we learn that not only Ginsburg, but the entire left is as racist as we have long said they are in these pages.

In Williamson’s post (here), we find out some background:

This is not her [Ginsburg’s] first time weighing in on the question of what by any intellectually honest standard must be described as eugenics. In an earlier interview, she described the Roe v. Wade decision as being intended to control population growth, “particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” She was correct in her assessment of Roe; the co-counsel in that case, Ron Weddington, would later advise President Bill Clinton: “You can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy, and poor segment of our country,” by making abortifacients cheap and universally available. “It’s what we all know is true, but we only whisper it.”

Needless to say, black people are disproportionately represented among the poor, so Ginsburg’s desire, transparently, is that in America we abort more black people. After all, that would keep down the population of those “people we don’t want more of.”

Jonah Goldberg piled on (here), and concluded with what we have been saying for a long time:

And yet you can be sure that liberals will not express even the tiniest fraction of outrage against her remarks. Why? Well, to be sure, partisanship explains much of the silence. But some of it undoubtedly stems from the fact that many simply agree with her. [red emphasis mine — xPraetorius]

We’ve been saying that the real racism in America is on the left. The reason the left — and the Race Grievance Industry — keeps screeching about nearly non-existent racism on the right is so that you will look away from their own very real racism.

— xPraetorius


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