I Had To Laugh…

I Had To Laugh…

Here’s the headline at thejewishvoice.com: “After 150K Vote ‘Discrepancy’ in Vote Count, NYC Board of Elections Pulls Ranked Choice Voting Results”

And, here’s the headline at hotair.com/allahpundit/: “Fiasco: NYC elections board says it accidentally counted 135,000 “dummy” ballots in mayor’s race” (Disclosure: I like allahpundit)

I’m not sure what gives with the 15,000 vote difference between the headlines, but let’s meld them together into one summary headline: “NYC elections board says it accidentally counted more than 130,000 “dummy” ballots in mayor’s race.” There… I think we can be relatively confident that headline is as accurate as these preliminary reports can be.

For those who insist militantly that “there was not enough ballot fraud in 2020 to sway the election!” these reports ought to be quite sobering.

Now, now, now, don’t get all up in arms, I’m NOT suggesting that there was enough ballot fraud in 2020 to change the results of the election, I’m merely stating what has been clear for some time:

(1) There was ballot fraud in the 2020 election, and far, far more than anyone knows and,
(2) the actual winner of the 2020 Election was: anybody’s guess.

Here’s a third observation: (3) The media provided all the “guessing” as to the results of the 2020 election, and those preliminary reports are what fuel the vast majority of the American people’s perception of the election. Reports coming from people who for the last five years had done nothing but lie and fabricate and deceive. People long shown to be as corrupt as the worst Tammany Hall or Daley Machine pol.

Finally, this was no “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment. The media learned well the lessons of that mini election-reporting debacle. This time ’round, the media knew that all they had to do was to report that Biden had won, that Biden had clearly won, that there was no reason to question that conclusion, and that anyone who might question it was a crank, or insane, or a zealot, or a cultist, or… fill in the litany of insults here.

The media further knew that they needed only to repeat that mantra over and over and over and over again, and that would do it. The narrative, like a well-placed hook in a trout’s lip, would be sufficiently set in place… regardless of the actual results of the election.

Oh, we’re the trout.

Mind you, politics is not the only domain in which the media are aware of their power to fabricate, and gin up, and give life to a story out of thin air, then breathe life into it, until it’s self-sustaining. Who knows, maybe next they’ll report that “The Government Has No Explanation for UFO’s.” Wouldn’t THAT be hilarious?!?


— xPraetorius

July 7/2021

24 thoughts on “I Had To Laugh…

  1. Why don’t you just admit that you’re a Trump supporter who thinks he was robbed of the 2020 and want to see him back in office. Everybody else who supports him think so.

    1. I was never a Trump supporter… re-read some of my posts in which I called him “America’s second white trash President.” (after Bill Clinton)

      I was, however, a Trump voter. And I never made any bones about it. There’s a big difference.


      — x

        1. “I was never a Trump supporter but I voted for him.” ..and there’s a difference??
          Even if you hatted Hillary more.. casting your vote for Trump pretty much implies you wanted him to win.. at least over Hillary, therefore you supported him. Now, if you voted for him to beat Hillary but disliked all he stood for once elected… the “lesser of two evils” voter philosophy… your vote still went to him to win, therefore he won, WITH all his policy/behavioral baggage. The “difference” is just in your own mind.. not in believable reality. But.. you are a Conservative.. so if it’s not real you can keep repeating it that it is, and I am sure someone from flyover country will believe you.

          1. Typical of the Left. Has to insult instead of address the actual issues.

            And when you try to address the actual issues — am I a “Trump supporter” — you’re reduced to cheap semantical sillinesses.

            I readily call myself a past Trump voter, a current Trump defender, a non-Trump supporter… as I’ve been, and said I was, right along.


            — x

        2. Nope. Just precise definitions. As I’ve mentioned many times, I’m a past Trump voter, a current Trump defender, and NOT a Trump supporter.

          I recognize that these distinctions might be over your head, though.


          — x

        1. Wow! You can discern nervousness in a onscreen LOL?!?

          THE common delusional belief of the Left: that THEY know what everyone’s REALLY thinking and what everyone’s REALLY feeling!

          Do you believe you have other super powers? 😂


          — x

          1. Go ahead, name one roadblock in your way to casting a ballot. Idiot.

            I’d suggest that you DO need one real roadblock: the same one that everyone needs: a sober, realistic assessment of one’s level of knowledge of the issues and their context.

            You, obviously, would fail miserably at the one roadblock that EVERYONE ought to have to surmount in order to vote.

            And, I appreciated the racism behind “you people.” Well done, you bigot.


            — x

          2. Oh well.. seems the Trump science deniers are dying in all those red states. That will certainly thin that herd. Sad it costs the lives of children. That should be child abuse. Get your shots yet?

          3. Ah, the caring, compassionate Left! Always rejoicing in the deaths of others!

            Good job, Doug! Not a real good look for you. Or for anyone, for that matter.

            And, it hasn’t cost the lives of children. Obviously you’re showing your serious ignorance here. The number of kids who have died from COVID who didn’t have comorbidities is about… 3.

            Dude, since you don’t know what you’re talking about, why don’t you sit this one out?


            — x

          4. Perhaps I will sit this one out because it’s going nowhere.. and you two fella are enjoying your bromance.

          5. 1. Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean they’re of the left.

            2. It’s not hard to know what you people on the far-right think, because you on the far-right are incredibly predictable. You don’t think beyond your extremely small box of far-right ideals.

          6. 1. Correct. You, however, are of the far left.

            2. Incorrect. It’s impossible to know what anyone thinks. That you disagree with this basic fact puts you squarely on the Left, where belief in magic is common.

            And, I could be classed as “far-Right” if one uses the correct definition for that, ie: Libertarian. (I’m close, but not quite there) Which is, by the way not NEARLY as rightist as YOU are leftist.


            — x

  2. 3. No, YOU say I’m of the left.

    4. It’s highly possible to know what someone thinks the minute they start talking or writing. Your prejudice that it’s a leftist thing shows that your thinking is limited, ridiculous and prejudicial, just like your silly notion that the left believes in magic, which makes no sense.

    You’re close, but not quite there. Interesting. And regardless of what you say, you’re heading further down that path I warned you about with these posts you’re putting out.

    1. Whatever, BW… you’re just flailing now. And getting to a point where almost all you do is mind-read. Since no one on earth has ever been able to do that, your posts are little more than long-winded nothings.

      When you say something that merits ACTUAL attention — as you have several times in the past — then I’ll respond to whatever it is.


      — x

      1. You keep accusing people of trying to read your mind, but you keep ignoring that you put your mind out there everytime you write something on this blog. And you’re not really hard to figure out, honestly.

        1. The one who has nothing figured out always thinks he has it all figured out.

          It’s not what you don’t know, BW, it’s what you know that’s, well, just false.

          Did you ever learn that the earth is a sphere? Just wondering. Your ability to hold onto nonsense, as a mother holds her child, is impressive.


          — x

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