We Explain WHY the Left Are So Racist

The Left are racists because they can be. The gullible and not-too-bright media believe the Left’s protestations to the contrary, and don’t scrutinize their claims. Furthermore, the media ECHO the Left’s accusations of racism against the Right uncritically. The Right, by contrast, like ANYONE accused of something offensive, do all they can to avoid even the slightest appearance of  guilt. As a result, the Left have internalized their own racism, and even believe it’s a GOOD thing. ALSO, as a result, the Right have internalized actual anti-racism — not the fake anti-racism of the black Left and the rest of the Left — and are genuinely anti-racist. Continue reading We Explain WHY the Left Are So Racist

Response to Brothawolf

First: a rather lengthy bit of background: A few posts ago, Brothawolf and I had an interaction in which he alleged that I censored one of his posts. I did not do that. I have the contents of the post to which he’s referring, because he re-posted it on his own blog, after having claimed that we’d censored it on ours. To repeat: it never arrived here. Therefore, I have to conclude that it was really a cheap attempt by Brothawolf to manufacture a wrong done to him that was not actually done. Continue reading Response to Brothawolf

More VERY Blunt Perspectives About Race (Part II)

We white people do have a continuing debt to Black Americans. It’s no longer a monetary debt; that’s been covered in full, and them some. And it certainly didn’t do them any good. But it could have. And it was what they, the ones on the left that is, demanded. What we did wrong was to allow only the left to speak for Black Americans. If we’d allowed the right to speak for Black Americans too, we’d have had some real policies that would have done real good. As Chief Justice John Roberts said once, “The way to stop discriminating by race is to stop discriminating by race.” The solution from the right would have been simple and effective: “Stop discriminating by race.” Continue reading More VERY Blunt Perspectives About Race (Part II)

Black Americans: Do You Want To Prosper in America Today? (Part II)

For black couples, who have a kid — two-parent households — the poverty rate is seven percent. For all people, of those who (1) graduate from high school, (2) don’t have a child out of wedlock, and (3) get a job, the poverty rate is less than two percent. That’s it. If you start from that basis, you have a greater than 98% chance of never being poor in America! Continue reading Black Americans: Do You Want To Prosper in America Today? (Part II)