Dumb As A Stick

Hillary’s really good at understanding policy. Everyone said so. The problem is: The policies she understands really well are really stupid. And she demonstrates her vast understanding of her really stupid thought, ideas and policy prescriptions really well. In other words: Dumb as a stick. Continue reading Dumb As A Stick

The Left Shows Its True Colors

The Left Shows Its True Colors

To state it plainly: If you all but call someone a Nazi or a KKK-Sympathizer, then you’d damned well better have some real, hard, fast evidence that what you say is accurate, or you’re a special kind of dirtbag; you are quintessentially what you accuse the other of being: a fascist. As we’ve said several times before: “the new fascists will come waving the banner of anti-fascism.” They’re here. Continue reading The Left Shows Its True Colors

President Trump’s Munich Moment

You read it here first: This is the 21st Century’s, and President Trump’s, Munich Moment. Bill Clinton gave North Korea their nuclear program; George W. Bush backed down when the Norks showed they were developing nuclear weapons, and Barack Obama overtly gave them the blessing to obtain their bomb. Great jobs the appeasers do, eh? Now, Trump has a Munich Moment. What will he do with it? Continue reading President Trump’s Munich Moment

Remind Me: Why Do We Need the Democrats Again?

Remind Me: Why Do We Need the Democrats Again?

Let’s see — We won the Cold War DESPITE the earnest efforts of the American Left • We defeated the Nazis who, when Hitler was Stalin’s best bud, were the Left’s — and the Democrat’s — darlings • We came out of the Depression despite the Democrats’ best efforts to prolong it • We had to accept a tie in the Korean War • China is Communist • We lost the Vietnam War • and more, much more… and all because of the Democrat Party. Continue reading Remind Me: Why Do We Need the Democrats Again?

Maybe The Baboons Are Doing Us A Favor

Our problem is that in the west we have Democrats and other assorted pests. They still largely run the place, and they can’t hear the gibbering Allah psychos due to the howling vortex between their ears. At some point, though, one of these attacks is going to tip even them over the edge. You have to understand, the American Left love the muslim baboons because they think that economics trumps everything, and the baboons are Socialists just like the leftists. But they don’t understand that the baboons actually value their religion more than their economics. They’d just use Socialism to enforce their religious correctness society. So, yes, one day, maybe, the gibbering muslim baboons will actually do an attack too far. Of course, for any sensible person, that happened a very long time ago. Continue reading Maybe The Baboons Are Doing Us A Favor

Why Do The Left Love The Jihadis So Much?

Why do the Left love the very religious Islamist baboons so much? The answer is simple and complex at the same time. The simple part: Firstly, the baboons are “of color.” The Left think that if they were to oppose the baboons’ entry into the U.S., then their mindless drones in the American “of color community,” those who love or hate people based solely based on the color of their skin, might not like it.
Secondly, the jihadis are Socialists. The American Left is, indeed, the Socialist left. The popularity of the really stupid, doddering, reactionary, but energetic old fool, Bernie Sanders, proves this. When I say this, I mean two things: (1) that the leadership of America’s Left is hopelessly Socialist, and (2) their voters are generally docile, non-analytical, blind followers. Continue reading Why Do The Left Love The Jihadis So Much?