Kathy Griffin: We Pose The REAL Questions

These people are overwhelmingly vain. Their egos are larger than their fat, stuffed wallets, and their sprawling, gilded mansions. Their obsession with stroking their egos, and having them stroked, is exceeded only by the howling vacuum in their heads. Call them empty-headed, self-obsessed, fatuous. Call them stupid. They are. Why not call them that? Do you think that they flinch from calling us those things? Actually they call us far worse things: Nazis, fascists, racists, etc. You know the dreary litany. We should call them what they are: stupid. We should call them that, using lots and lots of words that convey the message that they’re… stupid. Really stupid. Because they are. Kathy Griffin did us the favor of demonstrating that persuasively, but she’s only one in a very, very long line of similar demonstrations from the Left. So, the final real question: Why aren’t we jeering and mocking these half-wits? What on earth are we waiting for? Continue reading Kathy Griffin: We Pose The REAL Questions

Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?

Remember: the collectivist, centralizing ideas of the Left have been around forever. They’re nothing more than the old hereditary monarchies and dictatorships, feudalism and serfdom, all wrapped up in pretty words like “progressive,” “justice,” “liberation” and “social justice.” From that perspective, yes, ideas supporting individual freedoms, liberties, free speech, democracy, limited government, are, indeed, radical and extremist. Is Trump a radical? Is he an extremist? Let’s hope so. Continue reading Is President Trump a Radical? An Extremist?