Kevin Williamson’s Insight Into Hillary Clinton

In this excellent opinion column, Kevin Williamson of National Review penned this particularly arresting passage (red emphasis added):

The wheels came off of that as soon as she (Hillary) achieved proximity to real power: President Clinton put her in charge of his health-care program, and it was a catastrophe. She was never really allowed to have her hands on another substantive policy issue, and her most prominent role throughout the rest of her time in the White House was spent not basking in the glow of the presidency but obscured in its shadow, reduced to little more than helping her husband to avoid suffering the consequences of his sexual adventuring and his lying about that under oath. She marched into Washington a “co-president” and slithered out an appendage.

If you examine Hillary Clinton’s public life, the phrase “She marched into Washington a “co-president” and slithered out an appendage.” describes, with appropriate word adjustments, every major undertaking of her career.

Let’s review them:

  • First there’s: “She marched into Washington a “co-president” and slithered out an appendage.” as shown above.
  • Then: “She marched into the Senate a celebrated former First Lady and slithered out a do-nothing partisan hack.”
  • Then: “She marched into the 2008 Presidential primaries the inevitable Democrat nominee, and slithered out a beaten, dazed loser, while an empty suit strode into the winner’s circle in her place.”
  • Then: “She strode into the office of Secretary of State a confident senior political player, and slithered out the do-nothing mediocrity, whose inaction is forever attached to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.”
  • Then: she marched into the pre-campaign for the 2016 presidential primaries the inevitable nominee, and already is getting ready to slither out the clueless, secretive, vaguely paranoid, out-of-her-depth, unresponsive, old, tired-looking, exhausted has-been, brought low by … e-mails.

The irony in all this is that if she is to survive her own ineptitude and cluelessness, the only way to do that will be to get Bill to do it for her. Then she’ll be right back as his appendage.

Williamson’s piece is, as usual, a brilliant insight into his topic: Hillary Clinton as a monster of our own.

To go esoteric for only a brief moment: I’m reminded of Mikhail Lermontov’s “A Hero of Our Time” (Герой нашего времени) in which the “hero,” Pechorin, turns out to be, like Chatsky and Onegin, yet another superfluous man. Hillary, like these last three, breezes into town, bringing a pile of scorn and sneering derision for those who are obviously her inferiors, then leaves having accomplished little, or worse, having wrecked the place and the lives of the people in it.

Worse, she typically leaves under a cloud of suspicion that she’s guilty of the very things she was so stridently condemning when she arrived!

Members of the Democrat Party, and their voters, call this “progress,” while each of Hillary’s rather ignominious failures, catalogued above, they call “accomplishments,” and “proof of her great wisdom and intelligence.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Kevin Williamson’s Insight Into Hillary Clinton

  1. Great observations, x! I never thought of it that way. She really has NEVER accomplished ANYTHING in ALL her flailings about in public life, has she? She takes something on, fails at it, and later adds it to her resume as a great accomplishment. What a phony! As you point out, what a complete mediocrity!

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