A Hopeful Sign — the American Left is ALREADY Devouring Its Own — Or: LEFTIST PRIVILEGE

In all countries where the political Left seizes absolute power, it first devours its own, before installing an oppressive, frequently murderous, bloodthirsty régime on the rest of the people.

The American Left is heading down that same path even before they’ve seized absolute power in America. All decent people can hope that this suggests that they’ve already started down the path to their own destruction as a movement.

Witness the travails of one… Garrison Keillor. Now, mind you, I have no sympathy for Garrison Keillor… he’s a leftist, therefore reactionary, neanderthal, primitivist, Socialist (same thing those last two), reactionary dirtbag.

However… he’s the very definition of the word “avuncular.” If you’d ever listened to his Public Radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, you’d have thought him to be the most harmless person on the planet. Even I enjoyed the show, despite Keillor’s casual, soft-pedaled leftism. And the annual PHC joke show was one of the funniest hours of the year. Believe me, if you ever listened to him, you would think that the very last person on earth to go down to today’s sexual harassment hysteria would be… Garrison Keillor.

Yet, down he went… Down, down, down, down, and even further down. Minnesota Public Radio, who used to be his employer, pretty much disavowed ever having known him! Important Note: They didn’t offer to reimburse him, or anyone else, for the tens of millions of dollars that flowed into their coffers from when Keillor was riding high. His show was very popular. They did what all good leftists do: they pretended he never even happened. They airbrushed him out of their history, and they announced that they’d never, ever, even run a re-run of one of his once-wildly popular shows again. As if it had never even happened.

Good thing he’s about 900-years old, wildly wealthy, and not in need of employment, because he couldn’t find a job saying, “Would you like fries with that?” or, “Welcome to Walmart.”

Hmmmm… what can all this mean?!?

Apparently, Garrison Keillor, like other avuncular leftists — Harvey Weinstein, Charlie Rose, and apparently a lot more — figured that because they were of the Left, they could expose themselves, rub themselves, grope, grab, kiss, rub, massage, fondle, caress, molest, hug, squeeze anyone, and anything on anyone, they wanted… and get clean away with it!

The most important point: They did this — and they got away with it — for decades.

For decades!

Okay… let’s spell it out. When these avuncular leftists figured that because they were of the Left, they could expose themselves, rub themselves, grope, grab, kiss, rub, massage, fondle, caress, molest, hug, squeeze anyone, and anything on anyone, they wanted… and get clean away with it… they were right.

They were right. It’s time to call this what it really is: Leftist Privilege. Garrison Keillor, and so many others, proved that there’s only one actual privilege in America: Leftist Privilege. Many want, need, to fabricate a whole bunch of other “privileges” — white, straight, male, normal — but these are all smokescreens to deflect the attention away from the only privilege there is: Leftist Privilege.

Look for the great Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter, Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Kevin Williamson, Jason Riley, Mark Steyn, Tucker Carlson, Greg Gutfeld, Larry Elder and others to adopt this term.

Leftist Privilege is the only privilege in America.

Note: I wish I could say that I invented this term, but this guy came out with it before I did. 🙂 Probably there were others too, but we’re not (yet) aware of them.

Note: the above is a great link! I thoroughly enjoyed it. His list is spot on, but I haven’t investigated his movement yet, so I can’t yet endorse it. However he did get to the term, “Leftist Privilege” before I did. (Darn it! 🙂 )

Bottom Line: Leftist Privilege means that after the Left has eaten its own, and figured out which of its various factions is going to murder your neighbor and you and me, it’s coming after… your neighbor, you and me. And we need to be aware of that. In the meantime, let them eat dirtbags like Garrison Keillor, Charlie Rose, Harvey Weinstein and others. The world is better off without them.

But when they’re done… they’re coming for you and me, and our children. Never lose sight of that.

— xPraetorius

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