Leftists Are Cowards

Leftists always, always, always gravitate toward the ones who will kill you. It’s the very same thing as the secondary henchkids of the elementary school playground bully. The ones who gravitate to the power that radiates from the bully. However, you and I always understand the real nature of these toadies: they’re cowards. They fear the very same bully in whose shadow they scuttle around like roaches. They figure that if they become the bully’s sycophants, they protect themselves from the bully’s threat of violence.


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Incontrovertible Fact: All Oppression Comes From the Government (Part II)

Yes, yes, yes, there are little eddy currents of oppression all over the place, all across the country, but these are enabled, facilitated even, by the systems and institutions enacted and maintained by local, city, state, regional and central… government. Systems and institutions that deny you and me: recourse.


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Who’ll Win?

The Left will win. The humanitarian catastrophe that a comprehensive left-wing triumph would be is coming here to America. They’re winning. And unless you and I do something to prevent it, they will win. At least for our lifetimes, and those of our children and grandchildren.


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A Simple Truth…

“Learning to think critically, always working to be better at it, then combining numerous, often conflicting, media sources with critical thinking, to become ACTUALLY informed,” is a nice summary of “The Basic Responsibility of All American Citizens.”


If all American citizens were to take this responsibility seriously, the Democrat Party’s electoral viability would evaporate overnight.


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