The Race Crime that the Left and PC  Committed

The Race Crime that the Left and PC Committed

If you simply tell the truth — nothing more than that — about white men, then all of a sudden, you’re an evil “White Nationalist,” or a disgusting “White Supremacist” or you’re showing your vile “White Privilege.” Or some such tommyrot. Even if you’re not a white man! I just finished an exchange with Brothawolf in which that was all I did: I told the truth. Nothing more. White men, in general, established the greatest, freest, most humane, most decent, generous, benevolent civilization this world has ever seen: Western Civilization.

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We <b><i>NEED</i></b> a <b><i>REAL</i></b> “Left” Opposition!

We NEED a REAL “Left” Opposition!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m generally on the Right. So, when I criticize my politico-cultural tendency I have plenty of credibility. Yes, the Right is overly polluted with “dishonesty, self-obsession, limits in vision and imagination, and overly rigid ideology.” Unfortunately that’s true of all political tendencies. Our ideas are superior. Stronger, better researched, more completely thought-out… better. But they’re not… perfect. And that’s okay. But they can be a whole lot better! And that would be a whole lot better. And “a whole lot better” is a whole lot better than: “better.” That’s why we need a real Left. Not the mindless, moronic, brain-dead, power-mad, witless Left of today. A real Left.    Continue reading We NEED a REAL “Left” Opposition!

This Struck Me…

This Struck Me…

Consuming many media sources, learning to think critically, then combining numerous media sources with finely-honed critical thinking, to become ACTUALLY informed,” is a nice summary of “The Basic Responsibility of All American Citizens.” If all American citizens were to take this responsibility seriously, the Democrat Party’s electoral viability would evaporate overnight. Continue reading This Struck Me…