The Left Hasn’t Produced a Good Idea in a VERY Long time! (Part II)

Thought Exercise (and maybe salvation for the soul):

When was the last time that a prominent Democrat did A Good Thing for the nation? The Right Thing for the nation?

And I don’t mean not doing something bad (like not voting for the Build Back Bastardization), though that kind of thing is close.

I mean an idea, notion, program, initiative, department, plan or whatever that actually contributes positively to the lives of all Americans.
Not something that takes from some to give to others.
Not something that demonizes some to try to appease others.
Not something that harms or punishes some to benefit others.
Not something that pits some against others.
Not something that harms others, but that they’ve managed to twist into some great noble cause with transparently silly verbal gymnastics. (parenthetically: like killing babies and old people is “compassion;” and confiscatory taxation is actually generosity… and compassion; and causing grave harm to the family is compassion. Good grief! how much damage has been done in the name of “compassion?!?” What an abused, damaged, corrupted, tainted word… which used to be such a fine one!)
Not something plainly designed to try to construct an automatic voting constituency for the Democrat Party.
Not something where they destroy a decent person’s life, supposedly in the name of some weird idea of a greater good (Robert Bork, Ray Donovan, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and many, many, many more)

So, can anyone tell me the last time that the national Democrat Party, or a prominent Democrat, did an actually good thing for the country as a whole?

P.S. And I think I have a possible answer, but you have to go way back. Or, you have to think slightly anti-your own predilections.

P.P.S. Oh: Why “salvation for the soul?” Because I’m really starting to have little more than contempt for any Democrat higher up in the electoral food chain than dogcatcher. Or: I’m starting to believe that there’s no legitimate reason whatsoever for a decent person to register with the Democrat Party.

P.P.P.S. Oh, and I can answer my original question for the GOP, but, sadly, it’s not all that easy a question for them either! Just a whole lot easier, and partially because “dismantling bad things” is an affirmative good thing.

— xPraetorius


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