Narratives Unraveling… Unraveling… Unraveling…

As they always do eventually, I guess.

Several weeks ago, on Viva Frei’s excellent “vlawg,”(*) David Freiheit told of the new leading narrative as it pertains to COVID. The “vlawg” is headed: “The ‘Covid Count‘ Narrative is Being Changed in REAL TIME – Viva Frei Vlawg” and is here: link.

Freiheit said that many people, including Dr. Fauci, a leading COVID researcher named Dr. Kieran Moore (who looks like Vlad Lenin) in Ontario, as well as Governor Hochul of NY and… Biden himself, have been “changing the narrative.”

Changing it to look at lot like what many of us outcasts have been saying all along.

All these people are looking you and me earnestly in the eye and saying that it’s a serious problem that many hospitals and other entities are conflating people hospitalized with COVID and people hospitalized because of COVID.


That was something I said in these pages… almost two years ago!

I reported that this finding was no credit to me, but rather to a nurse friend of mine, who at the time worked with COVID patients in the largest hospital in Connecticut.

She said that the discrepancy between the actual correct numbers and the reported numbers was… well, quite large, but she couldn’t be sure how large. Then she said (paraphrasing): “I don’t know… maybe 10-1. Something like that.”

Well, if that was true — as the above listed luminaries are now saying is the case — then the number of deaths because of COVID, as opposed to with COVID would be greatly overreported.

As I also said several times in these pages, to a generally smothering chorus of “stop minimizing the importance and danger of this thing!” (often because of the reported death numbers) and variations on that theme. (Which I was not trying to do, but I could see how that would seem to be the case.)

My nurse friend’s wild guess of 10-1… how does that stack up against more recent — and official — estimates of overreporting?

Well, in his linked “vlawg” Freiheit reports that the new number floating around is: 16-1. Or 1,600%, if you prefer.

Okay… let’s take the current number of estimated deaths and divide it by 16 and see what that does to the estimate. Well: 832,000 / 16 = 52,000.

Oops. That’s quite a different picture for this illness, isn’t it?!?!? If we assume, say 25% from that number either way, as a margin for error (by far too large, obviously) that’d mean that the real number of people who actually succumbed to COVID might be something like 39,000 – 65,000. And, again, these would be people who actually died from COVID, not people who died from something else and also tested positive for COVID.

Okay… interesting speculation and all, but Freiheit shows how those who are saying the only things that you were allowed to say in very recent days, weeks and months are now being called… “conspiracy theorists.” And “crazy.” And “kooks.”

The conspiracy theorists of yesterday — shunned, silenced, censored, deplatformed — are… today’s cool kids.

Now, the ones who say that it appears to have originated in a lab in Wuhan, China are the hip, with it, in-crowd. And they’re telling you that they knew this was possible all along.

Who, you might ask is saying this? A guy named: Joe Biden. And others. They’re also saying that the deaths were over-reported, and suggesting that if you say differently, well, there could, or should, be consequences…

Oh, here’s the spot in the “vlawg,” where the various luminaries tell us all ever so earnestly that we must differentiate between those who are in hospitals with COVID as opposed to because of COVID: link

(Gee… did they hear that from me?!? Two frickin’ years ago?!? Just kidding!)

Several things should suggest themselves, in my very humble opinion, as a result of all this:

(1) Be skeptical of “experts,” and try to find lots of experts, but especially ty to find those who actually seem to make sense in terms of the questions you would pose as a result of what you’re hearing from them.

(2) Recognize that governmental sources are so frequently complete idiots that you should ignore them entirely, at least in terms of your actual understanding of something. Be humbled and dismayed at the recognition that these morons hold real, coercive power over you.

(3) There’s plenty of corruption in all fields — including the medical field, so don’t be surprised when actual doctors (you know, the ones who swear to do no harm?) turn out to be corrupt. Like Fauci. But, and it’s a big one! — sometimes people go from field to field to field to field. It’s hard to call Fauci a “doctor” now, except by title. He’s a pure political operative at this point.

(4) An obvious one: No one knows everything.

(5) Never underestimate the vast power of the temptation in each person to struggle desperately to create or maintain the public illusion that [1] I know everything, [2] I’ve done nothing wrong, and made no mistakes, [3] I knew it all along, [4] I think you’re an idiot if you believe what I told you ever so earnestly only a very short while ago, and not what I’m telling you now…

So, is there historical precedent for the unraveling of narratives such as COVID, and making the purveyors of those narratives look like chimpanzees? Of course! Russia, Insurrection, Bleach, Fine people, Dead soldiers, Trump himself, and dozens of others in the past five years alone.

How to proceed in such a surreal, poisoned landscape, oozing with corruption, lies, fabrications, power-madness, rent-seekers, greed, narcissism and dishonesty? Don’t allow yourself to be a part of it, is the only thing I can say at this point.

The great Russian writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “The rules are simple: We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” That’s a nice summation of the situation. Now, though, what concretely to do about it?

For that, we can turn to Solzhenitsyn again: “Let the lie come into the world. Let it even triumph. But not through me. The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”

(*) “Vlawg” — I believe this word is a mash-up of “video, law and blog.”

– xPraetorius


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