Wish I’D Said That! (2/1/19)

It’s this:

The notion that conservatives are the dogmatists and progressives are the free-thinkers is one of the greatest triumphs in the history of the intellectual marketing of bullsh**. Conservatives simply acknowledge that we have dogma, that some questions are settled, and that while they can be questioned or revisited, the amount of new evidence required to overturn them should be monumental and decisive, not faddish and rationalized in the emotions of the moment.


That paragraph is by the great Jonah Goldberg, and it’s in this larger essay: The Definition of Dogma. It’s Goldberg’s weekly National Review Online “news”letter (as he calls it) in the form of a weekly commentary piece. Jonah Goldberg — like Mark Steyn and Ann Coulter — is a master of the well-turned bon mot.

The whole thing is well worth the read, but that paragraph stood out for me. I’d been searching for a way to say, well, to say exactly that.

— xPraetorius


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