Time to Hit Back! (Verbally, of course)


First: my apologies. This started life as a response to what I thought was a particularly clueless post in another forum. It then grew, as you can plainly see, into the rant that you see below.

Some might misinterpret this rant as approval for the goings-on of the past few days and weeks, and they would be wrong.

It is a recognition, though, that if you tell America for months that rioting, looting, burning, property destruction, taking over official buildings and acting altogether out of control are all just a-okay — as the Democrats did for their peeps all last Summer and right up to Election Day — then you have no right to get all indignant when some people who believe slightly differently actually do the very same things.

And, you know what? The people on the political Left who condemned Trump supporters in the capital on January 6 should just shutup… they have nothing legitimate to say.

We on the Right, though, have the right to condemn, approve, be ambivalent about, or feel, say and talk any damn way we please… because we didn’t ever swerve from our position that all violence perpetrated for political purposes was always wrong.

This blanket condemnation of the demonstrations in Washington the past several days is a bit too simplistic. For example, I’ve been calling — for decades — for Republicans to stop being supine in the face of outrageous verbal abuse from the political Left. I’ve long been suggesting that the GOP, and Conservatives, ought to warn the Left to cut out all the “racist,” and “sexist,” and “homophobe,” and “nazi,” and “fascist” nonsense, along with all the rest of the crap.

Then, if the Left doesn’t cut the crap, I’ve opined, we should take off the verbal gloves ourselves and let ’em have it. Even though I knew full well, or strongly suspected, that the Left would only (1) double down on their lies and slanders. (2) Potentially to the point of initiating violence.

Check and check.

America has long been headed down the path that would lead to the very same thing as happened in pre-Soviet Russia: A tiny faction of loud, obnoxious, bullying, thuggish leftists would, through nonsensical rhetorical flourishes and goonishness, shove their way into power.

This past Summer and on Election Day? Check and check again.

Then, a bit further on down the road, before you know it, the ones simply calling you and me “fascists” are arresting you and me. Why? Why, for being “fascists,” of course!

But, it’d really be for never having pushed — forcefully and hard — back at the abuse in the first place, and for not having made the bastards cut it out… long, long ago.

Oh, pursuant to all that, try to say the word, “mother” in the American House of Representatives today. Or, “father,” or, “son,” or, “daughter.” “Girl, boy, man, woman, grandmother, grandfather“… all words that are for-frickin’-BIDDEN now in the American House of Representatives!

Here are some more: “he, she, her, his, him.” Use those words, and I don’t know what punishment will come down on your silly head, but they’re all banned.

Even Emmanuel Cleaver’s stratospherically stupid “Amen and a-woman” is now verboten! This is the land of the nutball, half-witted, incoherent, brainless Left. It’s here, and it owns all the levers of power in America.

We saw calls for things like the arrest and silencing of Conservatives a lot this year. In America! The land of the… you know… the thing! We’re still seeing it now. Prominent “leaders” of this country demanding that we Conservatives (under the code-word: “Trump supporters“) be silenced, be denied a platform from which to make their views heard, and in some cases, yes, be arrested. Some in these pages have called for ostracizing, for banning, for condemning unequivocally, for outing and shunning Trump supporters.

Can you imagine shaming and shunning Victor Davis Hanson?!? One of the most thoughtful, intelligent, rational, insightful, perceptive, analytical writers and thinkers in the history of this country?!? But they would.

People do understand, I hope, that if some prominent — elected!!! — leaders had their way, you and I would be in prison, along with Victor Davis Hanson, and we would all be denied the freedom to make our views heard. And that is the direction this country is taking, and has been taking for many decades now.

And, what is it that we’re supporting? Why should you and I report to the local lockup? What is it about us that makes us so dangerous, so “seditious” (as I’ve heard a lot lately), so… criminal?

You know what it is: we support substantially limiting the government’s power to abuse us. And, if you dig into that simple phrase, you understand full well, why prominent, elected leaders of this country want to shut us up, lock us up, and deny us the ability to express ourselves. Oh, and a few million of us appear to have said all that to our elected representatives, while doing what the Democrats had long been labeling “important,” and “noble,” and, of course, “speaking truth to power.”

We also support calling our mothers and fathers… mothers and fathers. And our sons and daughters… sons and daughters. We support the notion that we ought to be able to choose for ourselves whether we wear a mask in our own homes or not. We support the notion that you ought be be able to say your piece, and I mine, without any scum-sucking bastard even thinking of trying to shut either of us up.

All of that is going away, and the pace of it all is picking up. It’s about to pick up some more too.

Is anyone really pretending that all that crap shouldn’t tick us us all off? Really? I’ve been ticked off about it for decades, because I’ve seen the direction this country was taking, and it was always, always, ALWAYS in the direction of accumulating ever greater power in Washington, DC, and of progressively (the proper word) stripping the people of their power.

The only question concerning the past few days was not whether all this would happen, but when. I understand that’ll be a controversial assertion, but no country is a steady-state entity. They’re all always headed in some direction or other. If you don’t arrest that direction, and turn it around, you’ll end up at the extreme end of that direction.

In America, that direction has been steadily leftward, with no interruptions, for more than 240 years. Oh, there have been pauses and slowdowns in the headlong larboard lurch, but nothing to stop it, and nothing to reverse it. Often it’s a lot harder to turn an entire country around peacefully, than to do so with violence. The opportunity to turn the country around peacefully may have passed.

Trump finally tried to reverse the sinistral course… just a bit! His deregulation, and putting (one hopes) actual Constitutionalists on the Supreme Court threatened to stop the leftward motion in its tracks — for upwards of three generations!

Did anyone honestly think that the Left would just take actual threats to their 240-year Long March to power lying down?!? Of course they wouldn’t! They took it to the streets — as we all, really, knew they would! — and we all watched as the leaders of the Left — the Schumer’s, Pelosi’s, Wheeler’s, et al — applauded it, and encouraged it, and called it heroic and noble… and a “Second Summer of Love!” for crying out loud. All while real people were being impoverished, dispossessed, having their livelihoods burned out from under them… killed.

The first name of every leader of America’s political left-wing should be “Nero.” As America, and Americans, burned and died, they watched, fiddled and applauded the show. And now they’re all ever so irked, the poor dears, that some Americans in the Left’s very own backyard are suggesting that many of us are fed up with it.

American Leftism, as currently constituted, is a cancer that has been slowly strangling the very idea of America. Now, though, in the past four years, they’ve accelerated that pace. They want to strangle the blood flow of the fundamental liberties that made America the first country in the history in the world to mostly vanquish poverty, to remove the hobnailed boot of government from the neck of the citizen, to cure diseases that had plagued mankind for millennia… to walk on the frixckin’ moon!

And they make no bones about it. AOC and Bernie and Nancy and Chuck absolutely would take over the banking, and transportation, and medical, and educational, and news and entertainment segments of America… tomorrow, if they could. You and I both know it. The notions and ambitions of the Left are a cancer in America.

You don’t cure a cancer by waiting and hoping it’ll go away of its own accord. Like a cancer the Left is malevolent and aggressive and ambitious, and they’re not willing to take “no” for an answer. They’re not just going to go away of their own accord. To cure a cancer, you have to name it early (we failed to), you have to address it forthrightly and aggressively (we failed to do that too), and you have to attack it (which to date we’ve failed to do as well).

A simple truth is this: If the Left had not been so hideous in past decades, and so ultra-hideous the past four years, there would be no one in the streets of Washington, DC today. Heck, If the Left had not been so hideous in past decades, there would have been no: “President Donald Trump.” And the Left is all concerned about mostly peaceful demonstrations in the capital now? There should be something more polite than “F-U” to say to convey the same idea, but there really isn’t.

So, no, I don’t at all approve of taking over the Capitol building, or of threatening to bring bodily harm to legislators… even if they are scum-sucking bastards. In America you should be able to be a scum-sucking bastard, without your scum-sucking bastardry itself being counted as an offense against the laws of the land.

Many of our readers will agree with many or most of the sentiments expressed in these paragraphs. At the same time, many will unambiguously condemn the demonstrations in Washington on the sixth of January. I guess I’d be in both those groups. So, my question to you is: what should happen in response to the scum-sucking bastardry of the Left these past weeks, months, years, decades… but that has been so flagrantly on display in the past year? What should we do? Let’s face it: while we condemn the stuff going on in Washington, we agree with a lot of what those hundreds of thousands said and believe. Just not how they expressed it. So, what should they do? And what should we all do? Because it’s here. Total Leftist control of the levers of power in Washington. And the very first days of the new Congress resulted in the “non-gendered speech codes” we all saw. This is only the beginning. What should we do?

Please, no vague platitudes like, “Get out there and vote.” This is going to be a bumpy ride now, not two years from now.

I do have a modest suggestion: Starting now: answer every attack, verbal blow for verbal blow.

Did someone really say, “Amen and a-woman?” Mock him mercilessly, and question his intelligence.

Did the House of Representatives really pass a resolution banning words like “mother” and “father?” Use those words over and over and over and over again. Use the entire list of banned words in speech after speech after speech on the House floor.

Mock the utter madness and brainlessness of the resolution itself. Never allow a verbal attack from the Left to go unanswered, and shoot back with 10 times the ferocity.
The Leftists in power are bastards, and it’s okay to call them that. It’d be like calling Shaquille O’Neal tall.


— xPraetorious

8 thoughts on “Time to Hit Back! (Verbally, of course)

  1. Feel better now? People laugh when I say that having a blog can be therapeutic.

    Now.. forget about Trump and get back to traditional GOP’ism and I’ll sign up again.

          1. Tolerance and patience.. wait for the pendulum of change to swing back… and maybe think less about judging others to fit your mold and compromising to meet the human diversity which IS the humanity God created.

          2. “Tolerance and patience?”

            Coming from you, that’s kinda funny, Doug.

            You have all manner of “tolerance and patience” for people who have demonstrated themselves to be far worse than Trump, and then dumped all over Trump. Your “tolerance and patience” means only “tolerance and patience only for those who think like Doug.

            Did I mention that you’re not a serious commenter? And didn’t I suggest that you take a hike?


            — x

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