The Race Crime that the Left and PC  Committed

The Race Crime that the Left and PC Committed

If you simply tell the truth — nothing more than that — about white men, then all of a sudden, you’re an evil “White Nationalist,” or a disgusting “White Supremacist” or you’re showing your vile “White Privilege.” Or some such tommyrot. Even if you’re not a white man! I just finished an exchange with Brothawolf in which that was all I did: I told the truth. Nothing more. White men, in general, established the greatest, freest, most humane, most decent, generous, benevolent civilization this world has ever seen: Western Civilization.

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We <b><i>NEED</i></b> a <b><i>REAL</i></b> “Left” Opposition!

We NEED a REAL “Left” Opposition!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m generally on the Right. So, when I criticize my politico-cultural tendency I have plenty of credibility. Yes, the Right is overly polluted with “dishonesty, self-obsession, limits in vision and imagination, and overly rigid ideology.” Unfortunately that’s true of all political tendencies. Our ideas are superior. Stronger, better researched, more completely thought-out… better. But they’re not… perfect. And that’s okay. But they can be a whole lot better! And that would be a whole lot better. And “a whole lot better” is a whole lot better than: “better.” That’s why we need a real Left. Not the mindless, moronic, brain-dead, power-mad, witless Left of today. A real Left.    Continue reading We NEED a REAL “Left” Opposition!