*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

This rant’ll be a bit controversial, I’m ‘fraid. I don’t mind the coming disagreement and, in fact, welcome it. Just do try to keep it polite… 🙂

I wish that the lazy, uninformed people who came up with the stupid “Trump cult” nonsense would finally just drop it.

There is no Trump cult, and there never was. The Right, with its heavy emphasis on individual responsibility, and individual liberties, and individual rights is overloaded with anti-bodies against any cult-like behaviors or inclinations.

Yes, there are isolated instances of people who take it too far, but they are few and far between. The fact that the media relentlessly highlight the few that they’ve found proves that point.

It is perfectly okay to support a person, or a set of beliefs, fervently, enthsiastically, staunchly, even stubbornly… and that does not remotely constitute a cult.

It’s even okay to have serious reservations about the person whose election or set of beliefs you’re supporting, and still support that person fervently, enthusiastically, staunchly and stubbornly… and that’s still not a cult.

This last is how you could likely describe 99% of Trump voters. Myself included. We all went into the 2016 and 2020 elections with eyes wide open… about Trump and about his really unsavory opponents. And we, correctly, chose Trump.

Trump supporters can far more accurately be described as part of an anti-cult. Far from being Trump admirers, the vast majority of us recognized the decrepitude and often depravity of the ones opposing him, and we loathed that more. Sorry… not a cult. Perfectly defensible.

The Left, on the other hand, with its emphasis on collective responses to problems, and on group rights, and on group identities, and group generalizations is perfectly suited to cult behavior.

One could look at their reverence for Obama, who actually spied on a Presidential campaign, and whose IRS did what Richard Nixon was about to be impeached for merely discussing… now, that looks like cult behavior.

There is no Trump cult, and there never was. There are a whole lot of people who are being unnecessarily slandered — even in these pages — for merely being firm in their beliefs.

Come to think of it, I guess a lot of other people are firm in their beliefs too! Can you remember the last person who, in the midst of a spirited argument, said to you, “you’re right and I’m wrong?” Are they all cultists too?

I remember asking someone in these pages, not to agree with me, but merely to admit that his point of view was not the only possible one! Nope… he wouldn’t admit it. Is he a cultist?
This almost religious adherence to the nonsensical “Trump cult” notion is very cult-like itself.

Someone — again in these pages! — said the following to me: “I don’t care what you say, you won’t change my mind” That’s a classic cultist’s declaration.

I’m just sick and tired of the lazy thinking that produces the “Trump cult” talk, and it’s long past time for it to stop.

Furthermore, I wish they’d get it right and call us the “Trump anti-cult,” which far more correctly describes those of us who didn’t (and still don’t) like Trump, but voted for him anyway. Oh, and are open-minded enough to recognize that his Presidency, as weird as it was, was surely 1000% better than a Hillary Presidency would have been.

And, guess what, a lot of us — after four years of relentless cult-like behavior directed against Trump, after four years of lies and fabrications, that all turned out to be false — actually liked Trump more in 2020… still without liking him, and without losing any of the very same reservations we had in 2016!

It didn’t hurt that in 2020 the Democrat Party did what should have been impossible and managed to produce a crowded primary field this last go-round, that had exactly one candidate who was better than Hillary: Tulsi… who never had the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell. And, by the way, Tulsi was no great shakes either…

So, Trump Cult? Obviously not. Just people hoping to make the best possible choice in a time when good choices have long seemed few and far between.

— xPraetorius

5 thoughts on “*Sigh!* There’s NO Trump Cult! (and there never was)

  1. “The Right, with its heavy emphasis on individual responsibility, and individual liberties, and individual rights is overloaded with anti-bodies against any cult-like behaviors or inclinations.”

    Ya gotta admit, though.. for people, as you say, allegedly prefer individual freedoms.. it’s amazing how much they worship the guy. I refer you back to all the Jan. 6th insurgents who proudly proclaimed that their being there was because Trump was their leader and telling them how and when to strike against the Capitol. I might also toss into that bunch those relatively incompetent and constantly vacillating back and forth Trump Congressional GOP members who talk one way against him.. then a day later they talk the other way supporting him. Let’s also not forget, the parade of whacky GOP that must back-pedal and travel to Mara Lago to kiss the ring and ask forgiveness… all because they want to stay in office. Then there’s Qanon.. now being supported by the Congressional GOP.. (and FOX, et al) and forming the Q-Trumplican Party… who no matter how much disappointment you heap upon them for their mystical dates of a Trump election win, a glorious and tumultuous Trump return to D.C. to oust Biden, come and go, yada, yada… still dream up and believe yet another return of their messiah…. the entire thing all built around The Great Lie of widespread election fraud that never was… itself inspired by Trump himself before the election even occurred as a setup if he lost…. and his minions so eagerly wanted to believe.

    Nah.. there’s no cult worship going on here. None at all.

    1. I hope at some point you will learn to use language, Doug.

      You ARE correct about one thing: No one “worships” Trump. Are there many worried about the corruption in the election process that gave the election to Biden? Of course! You should be too. That you aren’t speaks VERY poorly of you.

      The rest of your above rant was an uninformed bunch of nonsense that’s entirely based on reports from proven media liars, and filled with intemperate, nonsensical, useless, self-negating words and language, all constituting what looks like a desperate attempt to be be clever. Words like, “messiah,” “Q-Trumplican,” etc. are just… stupid.

      Also, I heavily documented the election fraud and interference, and you were silent. That indicates that either you’re lying, or you’re aggressively ignorant, like most who argue as stupidly you do. Go ahead and debunk my claims of election interference… I dare you. Especially now that TIME Magazine has loudly admitted it.

      One of your stupider posts, Doug.


      — x

      1. One reason I seldom pop in here.. your pompous condescension and name-calling is your justification for assigning credibility in what you post, because you get few replies. Your election fraud claims from your “personal research”? I don’t need to debunk any of it. I have faith in the Constitutional process of our justice system, which so far says nothing presented so far has any merit to support “widespread fraud”. I also have a measure of faith in the media in their desire to seek out problem areas of government. Given that one must have a level of critical thinking to measure any conclusions from what the media presents. Somehow… “It’s impossible Trump could have lost! There MUST be fraud!” does not constitute a good reason for screaming fraud. I also have faith in human behavior and there are little or no secrets kept for very long. Everyone wants to be a whistleblower to have their 15 minutes of fame. If there were conspiracies we would find out about them. But besides that… all the people allegedly involved in all the alleged election fraud claims.. represent both sides… Conservatives AND Liberals… even Trump appointments. So whatever your research has uncovered take it to an attorney or states attorney and role forward with the evidence.

        1. You said: “One reason I seldom pop in here”

          Good — go away. You won’t be missed.

          I’m not looking for “replies.” I don’t get replies, because people who disagree, like you, are always less informed than I am, and can’t stay with me in an argument. I look for visits, and, really, a particular kind of visit, and I get way more than enough of those. More to the point, I look for requests to re-publish and I get LOTS of those.

          You might not have figured it out yet, but this blog is intended for a far more informed audience than you, and the readership is quite rareified indeed. I don’t need you, and I don’t want you, so please feel free to go away.

          You said: “I don’t need to debunk any of it.”

          The point: You can’t debunk any of it. If you could, you would.

          Finally, I call you names, because you started it, and now you’re whining about getting it right back? This is one of the reasons people like you are a waste of time.


          — x

          1. Got a bit of the schoolyard feistiness going on lately, huh. Don’t take it out on me when Liberals get too loud.

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