Bret Weinstein’s Pithy Formulation

Bret Weinstein quite neatly summarized the state of mind of the “COVID Vaccine Hesitant.” Especially in light of the fact that nothing that any authorities — medical, political, public health or other — have ever said, has been remotely reliable.

No strategy or tactic has worked to save lives or slow the spread of the virus. Every measure taken has resulted in the worst-case scenario. Even worse, some governmental authorities went out of their way to kill people who otherwise wouldn’t have died without their efforts.

How anyone anywhere has any confidence whatsoever in any authorities anywhere boggles the mind!

Ignore the fact that those who disagree with the hesitancy position try desperately to slur the hesitant as “anti-vaxxers.” The COVID-hesitant are not anti-vaxxers; in fact, most are quite pro-vaccine… they’re just not pro-these vaccines.

Weinstein was talking about mandates — lockdowns, masks, vaccines — all of which, in this context, irk Weinstein mightily. (as it should anyone!)

Here’s what he said (roughly): “I can see when there might be a case for mandates. Like if a pathogen is particularly dangerous, the vaccines are well-tested and and the authorities are responsible and competent. But, not this pathogen; not these authorities; not these vaccines.

Yep. Well said.

– xPraetorius


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