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The day after we published our recommendation that Brett Kavanaugh or Mrs. Kavanaugh sue the three accusers (here), the great Mark Steyn published this: Taking a Mile So They’ll Move an Inch.

In his post, Steyn said this:

This blogger, meanwhile, is having some sport with those NeverTrumpers who turned a favorite line of the President’s supporters (“But he fights!”) into a sneer. I regret to find my old National Review comrade Jonah Goldberg is among them. I understand there are those who like what Trump does but deplore his personal style – but the personal style is essential. What the Democrats did this last month was outrageous, and to be polite and house-trained about it is to ensure it will happen again and again, and worse and worse.(red emphasis added)

How many times have we said that the Democrats will always find some poor schmuck somewhere to make a sexual harassment allegation every time. There doesn’t need to have been an actual incident of sexual impropriety for them to do it, they simply will, and let the innocent lives be ruined as they may.

I say, “some poor schmuck,” but it’s always someone who’s going to cash in big on the speakers’ tour after her moment in the Confirmation Circus spotlight. See for example, Hill, Anita; Fluke, Sandra; et al.

In Steyn’s piece, he also wrote this:

So instead Ezra Levant and I went bananas, went nuclear on the commissions – or, as I took to formulating it, we went Magna Carta on their medieval ass. And the wise old birds then said Canadians wouldn’t put up with a couple of berserk loons trashing their beloved “human rights” commissions. But they did – to the point where we got the law repealed. I concluded early on that it was, in fact, necessary for us to go nuclear in order to shore up public opinion and thus enable all the “nice” “moderate” people to move just a smidgeonette toward sanity.” (red emphasis added.)

And how many times have we said in these very pages that we need to go nuclear on the Left. Yes, yes, yes… I called it “Rhetorical Jiu-jitsu,” but it means the same thing: “going nuclear on their a$$.”

It means that when they do the “You’re a racist” thing, we shoot right back, “Well, you’re a child molester!” and when they pick up their jaws, continue with, “And I have exactly as much proof of your being a child molester as you have of my being a racist, so cut out the childish insults and argue the issue with me, you child molester! And if you can’t then you’re also an ignorant child molester!

Then stop and smile sweetly.

Something like that — like Steyn’s “going nuclear” — ought to do it. We can’t allow these trash leftists to slander us in public without consequence.

We also find it more than coincidental that Mark Steyn came out with his excellent piece the day after we published ours. Okay, I’m just kidding… we don’t find it coincidental at all. In fact, Mark Steyn is one of our most important influences here, so it’s likely that we simply said what he was going to say anyway… and better. Because he’s Mark Steyn!

— xPraetorius


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