The Left: All Talk, but No Answers

Bottom Line: Our grand plan on the right must always include taking back the current bastions of reactionary leftism that so degrade our country: academia, Hollywood, the media, pop culture.

  • The Left are all full of fire and outrage, outrage! And not a single thing to say that they haven’t already said, at excruciating length, and that hasn’t long been proven either stupid, wrong or disastrous.
  • The Left don’t have an answer to Trump, so they bog his administration down in fake accusations against anyone and everyone. Look for lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit in upcoming days, weeks and months.
  • The Left don’t have an answer to the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos, so they shut him down and they shut him up. Look for any and all Conservative speakers to be shouted down and driven off college campuses before they have a chance to throw their withering salvos against the crumbling walls of academic leftism. You can be absolutely sure that if Milo were a gay leftist, and not a right-wing provocateur, the Left would have been outraged, outraged! — at the condemnation he experienced for having seemed to approve of child molestation.(1)
  • The Left have no answer to Conservative doctrine as it pertains to any issue, so they silence it in all the realms where they hold sway: Academia, Hollywood, the media, pop culture…
  • The left have no answer, so they guarantee that the “debate” can never get above the abysmally low, superficial level to which they force it. So, for example, Abortion is about a woman’s choice. But they can not, so they will not, answer the question: “What if ‘it’ is a baby?”  Pick the issue: they do not allow the penetrating questions even to be asked about it. Remember: “If you’re tough on ISIS, you give them their best recruiting tool.”? Not once did you hear them answer the question: “Oh? That’s a better recruiting tool than the last eight years of feebleness have been? Prove it. Or at least give some kind of convincing evidence.” Remember when Obamacare was being spawned? No one even allowed the question to be posed: “But, the government takeover of medicine has never worked in any other place it’s been tried. What makes anyone think that it somehow will work here?” And so on, through all the issues.

More Milo’s, Please

The Left have proven that they have no answers, and nothing to say but to shout over any dissent. That’s why we need more Milo’s. Love him, hate him, or indifferent about him, he’s incredibly effective.(2)  More Milo’s, more Ben Shapiro’s, more Mark Steyn’s, more Ann Coulter’s, more and more and more. We can beat them, because we have answers. We have answers that work, and that have worked. We need to get those answers out and in front of people like college students.

Our grand plan must always include taking back the current bastions of reactionary leftism that so degrade our country: academia, Hollywood, the media, pop culture.

We need to come out of the woodwork and go to colleges, and speak out against the left, and against leftism.

We Need to Ridicule the Left and Leftism

And we need to ridicule the Left. They’re funny, if you think about it. In these pages, I’ve demonstrated that in spades about National Public Radio. Well, the rest of ’em are hilarious too. Think about it: What is the primary characteristic of the Left? Easy: they think they’re brilliant, and deep, and insightful. But, they’re really, generally, stupid, dim-bulb, self-obsessed, omphaloskepsistic, hyper-pompous nitwits. They’re real-life Ted Baxters. If you don’t see therein way more than enough upon which to heap some funny scorn, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Remember Karen Finley? She ran around doing shows in which she coated her naked body in chocolate and waxed rhapsodic about fecal matter and oppression and all that. I gather she made quite a bit of money at it. I’m sorry… that’s funny! Can you imagine a man doing the same thing? How funny would that have been?!?

Who can forget Eve Ensler? Here’s a woman who’s so obsessed with her own private parts, that she wrote an entire play centered on talking about (and, I gather, to) them(3). Why we didn’t react with howls of derision, with gales of laughter, heaping truck-fulls of ridicule on this hilariously ridiculous exercise in navel-gazing self-obsession, is beyond me. But, we didn’t. We did in our minds, though.

We’d have done the laughable Ensler a favor in giving her an honest assessment of her howlingly risible play.

— xPraetorius


(1) It should be noted that I saw no indication at all that Milo was encouraging child molestation, and have seen him numerous times (on YouTube) condemn it.

(2) I happen to like him. I don’t like his in-your-face homosexuality, but that’s now normal for society, so I can’t really blame him. Furthermore, I’ve seen no indication that., other than his flamboyance, he’s anything but a straight-down-the-line Conservative… with a lot of courage. In fact, he’s more Conservative than even the great Jonah Goldberg. Milo’s actually anti-gay marriage, seeming to recognize traditional marriage as part of the the actual bedrock of any society that aspires to be free and prosperous.

(3) The Vagina Monologues


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