Ah, The Science! (Part II)

Ah, The Science! (Part II)

One thing is certain, you can never, ever, not ever, not even once, trust any discipline, organization, or thinking that works actively to squelch, purge, drown out, shout down, deplatform, anathematize or ostracize the holders of dissenting viewpoints or awkward questions.


Organizations that engage in such behaviors are openly confessing either the weakness of their own position, or the fraudulence of their reasoning for holding the position.


Or both.


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An Instructive Conversation on Facebook

An Instructive Conversation on Facebook

Name-calling is juvenile, and hardens the target against your arguments. Fabrications are easy to knock aside — like the silly New York Times article. And the irrational — like pretending that you know anyone else’s experience, and how it affected him or her — makes it valid to suggest that the rest of your arguments are just as unserious.


Avoid the hasty conclusion that suggests that you think there’s only your way or the idiot’s way.


Others who believe differently are NOT, by definition, idiots. Others who think differently are NOT, by definition, bigots or racists. Others who perceive things differently are NOT, by definition, fascists or Nazis.


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Facebook = The Russians

Facebook = The Russians

I’m still not sure how I come down on this in terms of regulating Facebook, or not, but let’s not kid ourselves: Facebook, and the other socialist media are giving the equivalent of untold billions of dollars in free money and services to Democrats across the nation in the upcoming election.


This is just the logical extension of the Obama Administration’s aggressive silencing of Conservative political voices into the private sector.


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The Lie Lives on The Left

The Lie Lives on The Left

Those who simply let the lie continue, give the lie respectability, tolerate the lie as an “alternate viewpoint,” are complicit in the triumph of the lie.


But, I hear you say, “Can’t they say the same about you and your beliefs?” Yep. They sure can. Because we’re not shutting down anyone’s speech, or anyone’s ability to criticize us and question the validity of our ideas.


You can tell what, precisely, is the lie, by determining which holders of which beliefs are doing all they can to shut up, shut down, or shut out dissenting opinions.


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Ah, The <b><i>Science!</i></b>

Ah, The Science!

“Unfortunately, researchers’ dramatic conclusions too often go unexamined. Fearful conclusions make us abandon our critical thinking and valid contrasting research gets ignored. Too often research gets designed to fit prevailing fears so that science now suffers from a “replicability crisis”. Ten years ago, Stanford epidemiologist tested over 400 research published claims and only one could be replicated and validated. The editor of Europe’s top medical journal, the Lancet, speculated half of their published research was likely false. Outside the laboratory, claims about ecology and climate are far more difficult to verify.”


Well! What happened to… The Science?!?


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Is The Unraveling of the LEFT Accelerating?

Is The Unraveling of the LEFT Accelerating?

The left’s “canon” is a hodge-podge of contradictory, stupid, supercilious conclusions unsupported by facts or evidence, because they’re really based on what leftists believe will bring them power.


To obtain and retain power is, of course, the only reason for the Left’s stance on environmentalism. 


Well, here’s a prominent environmentalist — Michael Schellenberger — admitting that what we’ve been saying has been true all along!


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Now I Understand…

Now I Understand…

The saying goes: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Rings true.


As Hitler was rising in power in Germany, there were good men warning about it. The most famous of whom was, of course, Winston Churchill. But there were also good men in Germany warning about it all. It’s just that there weren’t enough. And/or, no one gave the alarmists the time of day. And/or many actively shut them up. And/or many said things like, we must tolerate all viewpoints, even those we find disagreeable.


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What The #*!$@^!  <b><i>Heck?!?!?</i></b>

What The #*!$@^! Heck?!?!?

The truly important thing to know is: has the rate of infection changed among the now well-known vulnerable populations: the elderly and the infirm? If those numbers are staying about the same, or diminishing, then the rising number of “new cases” is not even the tiniest bit worrisome. Guess what: the important stuff about COVID is all going in the right direction: down. Things like: Death rates, hospitalization rates, infection rates among vulnerable populations…


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Platform Or Publisher?

Platform Or Publisher?

• Regardless of whether the social media outlets are platforms or publishers, they have vast power.


Censorship is how the Left does it. They deprive the right of the ability to communicate with the American people.


• The ones who censor dissenting opinions are admitting both:

     — their insecurity in the strength of their own beliefs, and

     — that they themselves suspect that their beliefs will not survive in a fair fight. 


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Red, Black and Blue — The Intersectional Civil War

Red, Black and Blue — The Intersectional Civil War

What do you think the black leftists, the hispanic leftists, the feminists, the pro-deathers, the pro-kill granny bunch, even the gays! — all the rest of the vast American Grievance Industry —  were doing during the time that 330 million people were bending over backward for a few hundred thousand very confused people?


Answer: They were seething.


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Donald Trump: the <i>First Black President</i>

Donald Trump: the First Black President

Some called Barack Obama the First Black President, but that didn’t pass even the most superficial scrutiny. Any First Black President would, obviously, encounter nothing but sneering, aggressive hostility from the press, dominated as the press is, by lily-white, pasty-faced men. That’s what Toni Morrison — the coiner of the expression itself — told us. Morrison told us that widespread press abuse was the reason… Bill Clinton deserved the title!


But… Barack Obama received only fawning, white-glove, adoring, loving, tender coverage from all the dominant media of the day. For eight looooong, cringe-inducing, eye-rolling, stomach-turning years.


Barack Obama, plainly, was not the First Black President.


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What’s <b><i>Actually</i></b> Wrong With The Phrase “<i>Black Lives Matter?</i>” (Part III)

What’s Actually Wrong With The Phrase “Black Lives Matter?” (Part III)

If the Black Lives Matter movement were actually honest in their contention that black lives matter, then they’d march into the offices of countless mayors — all Democrats — of countless big cities across the country, and demand that they stop turning the cities into slaughterhouses for black people. And, if they don’t, well then they’ll have to go.


Why don’t they do that? Because, black lives don’t really matter to the Black Lives Matter movement. Only power matters to them.


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The Popularity of Today’s American Left Depends Entirely on Lies.

The Popularity of Today’s American Left Depends Entirely on Lies.

for example: No  demographic group in the history of the world enjoys more benevolent feeling, more sincere, earnest good will than black Americans. Yet, the American Left insists that every white person in the country wastes vast quantities of his or her personal time in trying to determine how to make and keep black Americans miserable.


The popularity of today’s American Left depends entirely on this and other lies.


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President Trump is, of course, cooperating mightily with the effort to make him the villain of the piece — his low character, tough-guy strutting, and habitual Twitter buffoonery all go a long way toward that. The Democrats are lucky to have him as a foil. Otherwise, they might be made to really seriously answer some uncomfortable questions, such as: Who has been in charge in Minneapolis lo these many years? Philadelphia? Chicago? Detroit? Los Angeles? Cleveland? Dallas? To the extent that governance matters, how is it that the situations in these communities is to be understood as anything other than the result of practically exclusive Democratic political power? And if Democratic political power is insufficient to turn things around in these places, then why is the answer to the current crisis more Democratic political power?


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What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like? (Update…)

What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like? (Update…)

“If you’re going to pursue things of value in a social environment, you’re going to produce a hierarchy. It’s unavoidable, because some people are better at whatever it is that you value, and so when that lays itself out socially it will produce a hierarchy.


The hierarchy has a necessity, if you’re going to pursue the things of value. But it has a risk. The risk is that it will ossify and become corrupt. That’s risk number one. And risk number two is that when you produce the hierarchy, you’re going to dispossess a number of people, because there’ll be lots of people in the hierarchy who aren’t good at it, and they’ll be dispossessed. So you need a political voice for them. That’s the Left.”


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It’s Worth Repeating (6/4/2020)

It’s Worth Repeating (6/4/2020)

Racism [in America] directed at non-white people has been utterly defeated in white hearts and minds. Want proof? Okay. Easy: The entirety — one hundred percent, no exceptions — of laws, practices, processes, regulations, rules, policies and procedures in America have been overhauled to remove every last vestige of possibility that it might be lawful or even acceptable to discriminate against non-white people in America.


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What Would A <b><i>GOOD</i></b> Political Left-Wing Look Like?

What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like?

For a very long time, we’ve been insisting in these pages that we on the political Right need a responsible, mature, rational Left to counter us.


We’ve also pointed out that for at least three generations, the Left has proven unwilling, or unable, to fill that vital role in American politics, instead greeting all Conservative thinking with, you guessed it: “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!” “Transphobe!” “Thisophobe!” “Thatophobe!” “Theotherthingophobe!” and the rest.


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Easy Proof America is <b><i>NOT</i></b> A Racist Country

Easy Proof America is NOT A Racist Country

Reason #1: If all white Americans were at all hostile toward non-white Americans, it would be easy for white people simply to squash, or get rid of, non-white people. It would be easy today for white people to implement their so-called “supremacy” if they were so to choose.


Reason #2: People around the world are still desperate to come to America to live. These people are, in the vast majority, non-white. The lie of American racism gets through to the people of the world despite the best efforts of media and governments around the world.


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Us and Our Disclaimers

Us and Our Disclaimers

As anyone who’s paid attention even slightly knows, we on the Right speak in disclaimers: “<disclaimer>Look, what happened to George Floyd was horrible, and really wrong, and a bunch of elaboration on all that, and more great and virtuous things about me, and what I believe, and I’m such a good guy/gal, and no one has condemned this more than I have —  in fact, look at all I’ve done to make things better! — and no one knows better than I do what we all have to do to change things, and we all know that things have to change, and I take a back seat to no one in my contempt for… until I believed I’ve been immunized against future abuse for stating my opinion.</disclaimer> Now, here’s what I really want to say…”


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Grading Trump on COVID (and more)

Grading Trump on COVID (and more)

Trump federalized the effort, effectively making the states responsible for their own responses. This was EXACTLY the right thing to do, because it guaranteed 50 different responses, of which one would be the best, and would serve as a guide for future such crises. Let’s not forget that this is the FIRST such crisis we’ve faced with the ability to do instant communications. That was a particularly forward-thinking thing for Trump to do. In the beginning he gets an “A+”, because you can’t have an “A++.”


After that he gets a “C+”


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