Why Focus on Defeating the Left?

It’s the BIG Problem In America and the World Today

The political Right is a problem in America. However, it’s not nearly the problem that the Left is.

If you focus on the Right, it’d be a bit like saying, “Hold on while I address this toothache. I’ll tackle the cancer when I can around get to it.

Our country’s future is like our life: We won’t thrive, prosper, or even survive as a country if we concentrate on the smaller problems and ignore the big ones.

More to the point, we got to this strait by ignoring the big problems (leftist takeover of all the institutions of communication, leftist corruption, media corruption, and much, much more) for far too long.

It’s why we’ve been kind of single-minded in targeting leftishness for a very long time.

Leftism, with its brimming basket of grotesqueries, is the big problem in America today… and in the world.

— xPraetorius

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