January 6th More Than A Year On

(Only because this “mostly peaceful,” but certainly mostly inconsequential, event is still obsessing so many.)

It’s been alleged of me that I’d “be singing a different tune if this had happened in 2017 and President Obama was (sic) pressuring Vice President Biden to overturn the election so that Hillary would win, with leftist goons violently storming the Capitol to intimidate Biden into doing so.”

For one thing, my “tune” on 1/6/2021 would not have been one iota different for a hypothetical “1/6/2017″… even if the facts on the ground were reversed. The difference would have been that there would have been far more targets for appropriate ire.

There was a riot. It shouldn’t have happened. It was not a good thing. I’d already been saying exactly the same thing for the “mostly peaceful” riots of the previous year. I’ve been only perfectly consistent throughout.

For that aforementioned hypothetical 1/6/2017, the other facts on the ground would be vastly different as well. But, the different facts would have made my perspective on that riot even more accurate!

What different facts? Well: the media and the Democrats would have been aggressively supporting the rioters, as well as those who had infiltrated the Capitol!

And, a rather important distinction, the media and Democrats would be echoing the “election was fraudulent” notion to the high heavens. (Wait… that’s precisely what they did for the four years of the Trump Presidency!)

And the media and the Democrats would be characterizing the riot as a “Huge Demonstration of Good Ol’ American Patriotism!

And, likely, a lot more people would have died… as they did over the past years in the “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020. Where and when the Left riots… people die. Sometimes by the scores.

Not to mention the fact that Obama was leaving no matter what anyway. He wouldn’t have been mounting a defense of his own Presidency, he’s have been trying to elevate a woman for whom he had nothing but contempt — one of the better assessments of his life.

Plus, it’s looking more and more as if there was no “storming of the Capitol” on 1/6/2021, but rather a concerted effort to usher people in, and to make lots and lots of photos that sure looked like people storming the Capitol.

Even the FBI, in whose apparent interests it was not to debunk an “insurrection” narrative… debunked the insurrection narrative. They knew that maintaining the illusion represented a serious long-term threat to their credibility.

Here are the bottom lines:

  • It was a bad thing.
  • It was a one-and-done thing.
  • It was, obviously, not an “insurrection
  • It was, equally obviously, not a “nothingburger.”
  • It was still equally obviously, much closer to a “nothingburger” than to an “insurrection.” But, again, not a “nothingburger.”
  • It was not nearly as bad as the previous 9 months of actual insurrection-type rioting throughout the nation. You know, the riots in which the rioters were actually calling for an insurrection? Yeah, those riots.

Finally, if I were the Democrats, and I’d just spent 9 months fomenting violence and insurrection around the country, I’d certainly scrabble around searching for someone else to accuse of “insurrection.”

Or I’d fabricate it, knowing full well that the media would take up the tale and repeat it over and over and over and over again to the high heavens. The Dems and the media did both. And many fell for it all.

So, I apologize to all the alarmists pretending that 1/6 was some kind of pivotal day in American history. It wasn’t. It was interesting. It was tailor-made, teed-up, perfectly-configured to dupe a whole bunch of citizens of both the Right and the Left into calling it an “insurrection.” And duped they were, and apparently many remain thus duped.

– xPraetorius


One thought on “January 6th More Than A Year On

  1. Our election, the ballots reveal,
    Was a farce and a fix and a steal.
    It’s a kangaroo court–
    Your attention span’s short;
    But the liars continue to squeal.

    The Capitol gig was no riot…
    Over half of the nation won’t buy it.
    Two summers before,
    We had riots galore–
    But the media-mongers deny it.

    All the video cameras reveal
    That the 6th was a minor ordeal
    They walked calmly inside.
    It’s a shame Ashley died,
    But it’s not like they stormed the Bastille…

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