I’M Not Stalin! (and Trump’s not Trump)

Huh? What thuh…

Well, I’m not; Stalin, that is. Or Trump. Not even related to either one.

However, there’s an interesting little story that those of us who’ve spent decades studying the man Stalin and the myth Stalin, have heard. Hard to tell whether the story’s true or not, but it rings true. It goes like this:

It came to Stalin’s attention one day that that his son was running around doing the “Do you know who I am? I’m a Stalin!” thing.

Stalin the elder took him aside and said (paraphrasing), “Look, I’m not even Stalin! So don’t you run around telling people you’re Stalin!

The point was that Stalin understood quite well that the myth of STALIN!  had grown so far away from any resemblance to reality, and had been constructed by millions of people into such a vast, mountainous presence in everyone’s lives, that it no longer resembled the diminutive, unprepossessing person on whom it was based.

Don’t get me wrong; Stalin was a monster… but “STALIN! was the monster magnified through the lens that the mythmakers chose to place in front of the reality.

Similarly, Donald Trump’s been magnified and distorted far out of any resemblance to reality, by the lens that the mythmakers have chosen to place in front of the reality.

The result is that it’s arrived at the point where the hysteria and the myth, the distortions and the fabrications, are so massive, and the emotion and irrationality so far off the charts, that — you heard it here first — TRUMP’s not even Trump anymore.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “I’M Not Stalin! (and Trump’s not Trump)

  1. Very well said.
    For secularists and irrational Trump-haters Trump is the much needed replacement for lucifer on which they project all evils of this world.
    This dude has truely supernatural powers. Some say that because he doesn’t believe in global warming, he causes hurricanes. They fear him so much that, I’m afraid, they would drive a wooden stake through his heart and decapitate him just to be shure.

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