Wow! So MUCH to Observe!

Two Quick Things: First: It obviously was no accident that the Iranian régime murdered more than 170 Ukrainian people on an airplane in coldest blood. Yet, still no commentary anywhere (except here, of course) suggesting that the Iranian régime is composed of amoral beasts.


Next…The more Socialism you have, the more the government takes from you; the more Capitalism you have, the more the government… leaves you alone. 


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Another Observation…

Let’s face it: the so-called “impeachment” has at least the following component: the desire to be able to refer to Trump as “disgraced President Trump,” and “the disgraced President.” You’ll see that, from now on, this word will make its way frequently into Democrat/Socialist campaign speeches. This is further proof that the Left has long been reduced to silly word games to try to bamboozle the American people.


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Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XI)

Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XI)

At its very best, Socialism thoroughly stifles economic, social and political mobility through massive regulation and and bureaucratic overload. Socialism’s answer to the  phrase: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is, “The rich get poor and the poor stay poor… except, that is, for a tiny minority of fabulously wealthy at the top.” Socialists call this: “Progress.”


Socialists are idiots.

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