Are We on the Right Going About it all Wrong?

It’s plain that people of the Right are simply better people than those of the Left. More mature, more intelligent, smarter, better educated than the developmentally retarded movement that is the Left. So, are we going about things like protests and demonstrations all wrong?

Look at the great, great Truckers’ Freedom Convoy in Canada in recent days. I’ve watched numerous live streams, reports, pictures and videos of the thing. Videos from all over Canada.

There were something like 60,000 trucks involved, each with its driver. There were millions of others lining the highways and byways of Canada as the trucks made their way to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. And… not one injury. Not one report of property damage anywhere.

Doesn’t mean they didn’t happen, only that there were not enough of them, and they were not serious enough, to merit making anyone’s video or news report.

In all the videos I’ve seen — and I’ve watched plenty of pro and con — I haven’t seen one piece of litter on any sidewalk in Ottawa. While in all reports from the anti-Truckers videos, mentions of violence, injuries or property damage were all conspicuously absent.

This while the commentators were calling the truckers racists, misogynists, fascists and all the usual litany of things. Well, if any of that were true, surely there’s be some injuries, some property damage, some violence somewhere, no?

Drone videos have shown crowds of tens of thousands, and the aftermath was what? Truckers and demonstrators cleaning up litter and shoveling sidewalks. No fights. Police strolling in a leisurely, relaxed way, among the protesters, smiling and laughing with them. Taking selfies.

In all the videos I watched, I saw open businesses, not a single square inch of plywood anywhere. I saw not one broken window. There was not one single report of violence of any kind anywhere in the country. There were reports of threats that the government might call in the military to disperse the protests, but that’s the only mention of any possible violence. Thus far, that has not come to pass.

When there are rumors of leftish riots, the city shuts down, and everyone boards up their store windows, hoping desperately that their store will not fall victim to “mostly peaceful” protesters.

When the truckers come to town? The stores stay open beyond regular hours, secure that nothing bad will happen to them… and that they’ll get lots of extra trucker business.

It wouldn’t shock me if Ottawa were to report later that they made a lot of money as a result of the convoy. One imagines cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, clothing shops, department stores coming out of this thing way better off than before the convoy, as well-mannered truckers and their retinues by the tens of thousands, shop, eat, sleep, refill thousands of gas tanks and so on.

Let’s say that this thing lasts five more days. Afterward, you might be wondering why you’re hearing or reading no reports of a dollar amount associated with property damage. That’s because there’ll be no property damage associated with this protest. It’ll be as if there had been an impromptu 10-day festival. One could envision the “leaders” of the government having super-secret meetings in which they discuss how they could provoke another such protest/festival to replenish city coffers next year.

This is all reminiscent of how Tea Party protests were here in the States. The aftermath of such demonstrations was always: cleaner streets, grounds and sidewalks than before the demonstrations; no injuries; no property damage; no violence whatsoever. And how successful were the Tea Party protests in achieving their aims of lower taxes and less government intrusion into the lives of all Americans? Not very.

Yet, when there are threats of leftish demonstrations, everyone in the affected area understands at a visceral level that he is in potentially mortal danger. At the very least, his business is gravely imperiled. The city knows that it’s about to be “impacted.” That there WILL be reports of property damage, of violence, of fires, smashed windows, looting, broken bones, other injuries and deaths.

How successful were leftish demonstrations in achieving THEIR aims of greater, more intrusive, heavier-handed government, higher taxes, decreased police presence throughout America, greater freedom to commit crimes? Very successful.

So, back to my original question: are we going about this all wrong? Aren’t protests supposed to inconvenience people? Was Chris Cuomo actually right when he said, “Where is it written that protests are supposed to be peaceful?” If our protests, on the Right, leave the targeted area richer, cleaner and better than before the protest, what’s the incentive to meet the protesters’ demands?

Now, there are, certainly, effects from this Truckers Convoy. Unseen effects. For example: taking 60,000 truckers out of circulation for a couple of weeks has to have an impact on national productivity and supply chain issues. One could envision millions of Canadians red-pilled from this whole thing too. However, those things are not measurable right now, though they’ll certainly be scrutinized in days to come.

Democracy, and the institutions, actions and processes that support it, are, of necessity, messy and at least a little bit disorderly. That’s a very, very good thing indeed. If you want order, go to North Korea… there’s plenty of that there.

As regards the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy, what if the government were simply to say, “Sorry, no.” There’d be no threat of violence; no threat of property damage; no threat of anything all that inconveniencing at all afterward. And everyone knows that the truckers have to get back to work some day soon. After all, they’re not like BLM or Antifa protesters, who live in Mom’s basement and mooch off the society against which they protest. Why wouldn’t the government just say… no?

So, again, are we on the Right going about this all wrong?

– xPraetorius


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