Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Conservative thinking is challenged, derided, sneered at, condemned… from the moment it appears. When WE do our thinking and our formulations of potential solutions, WE have to PRE-consider the inevitable tsunami of accusations of Racism! Sexism! This-o-phobia! That-o-phobia! You hate children! You hate women! Etc., etc., etc…


When the Left proposes something, they think that the proposal is perfect and complete from the moment of its birth! It requires no further adjustments or tweaking or re-thinking… because all the loud voices in the media and academia and Hollywood and pop culture tell them so.


Bottom line: OUR thinking is stronger, more flexible, more commonsensical, more logical… more tested. If we COMPETE in the war of ideas, we will WIN the war of ideas.


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Red, Black and Blue — The Intersectional Civil War

Red, Black and Blue — The Intersectional Civil War

What do you think the black leftists, the hispanic leftists, the feminists, the pro-deathers, the pro-kill granny bunch, even the gays! — all the rest of the vast American Grievance Industry —  were doing during the time that 330 million people were bending over backward for a few hundred thousand very confused people?


Answer: They were seething.


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FCOL!* — For Hillary: Credit Where Credit’s Due!

Hillary remains, and will always remain, royally ticked off at Bernie. So ticked off that she might do something that goes so utterly and completely against everything she is, in the very fiber of her being: tell the truth.


Don’t forget, Hillary still wants to be at the top of the heap on the Left. Like any top, or formerly top, leftist, she continues to crave power.


Have you ever noticed how leftists never just… go away? They lose, but they continue to scratch and claw and scrabble for power. It’s who and how they are. It’s because power is the thing they crave above all else, and that’s what makes them leftists to the core.


Let’s face it, Hillary still wants to be the President. However, since she can’t be, she still wants to grab and wield as many levers of power as she can. And, howlingly obviously, she still wants her 2016 loss to be someone else’s fault. 


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You Heard It Here First: The <b><i>Next</i></b> Meaningless, Nonsensical — <b><i>Moronic</i></b> — Buzz-Phrase on the Left: <b><i>Regenerative Economics</i></b>

You Heard It Here First: The Next Meaningless, Nonsensical — Moronic — Buzz-Phrase on the Left: Regenerative Economics

You heard it here first. It won’t be the last time. The bastards in the Democrat Party (who don’t quite yet call themselves Socialists) are going to launch a new, deceptive, pile-of-crap buzzphrase: Regenerative Economics


Watch for it.


If you question it, be prepared to be called all the leftist litany of insults that the bastards have in their pathetic arsenal.


Oh, here’s were we show that: The Left is, obviously,the political movement completely dedicated to the wholesale slaughter of black babies.


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Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

Spare me, please, all the moral posturing and righteous indignation about Harvey Weinstein. It’s been known for DECADES that he’s the deviant male slut that he is. People sure liked his money, though! And all the fame that came with being in his movies. And all the prestige that made them able to stand up in front of various awards ceremonies and preach to the rest of us. You know, to those of us who never willingly palled around with a known sexual deviant? And all these “victims” were willing to put up with Weinstein’s nonsense to obtain all his goodies. Continue reading Harvey Weinstein — The REAL Story

Kathy Griffin: We Pose The REAL Questions

These people are overwhelmingly vain. Their egos are larger than their fat, stuffed wallets, and their sprawling, gilded mansions. Their obsession with stroking their egos, and having them stroked, is exceeded only by the howling vacuum in their heads. Call them empty-headed, self-obsessed, fatuous. Call them stupid. They are. Why not call them that? Do you think that they flinch from calling us those things? Actually they call us far worse things: Nazis, fascists, racists, etc. You know the dreary litany. We should call them what they are: stupid. We should call them that, using lots and lots of words that convey the message that they’re… stupid. Really stupid. Because they are. Kathy Griffin did us the favor of demonstrating that persuasively, but she’s only one in a very, very long line of similar demonstrations from the Left. So, the final real question: Why aren’t we jeering and mocking these half-wits? What on earth are we waiting for? Continue reading Kathy Griffin: We Pose The REAL Questions