Hypothesis: There Was No Pandemic.

A Simple Hypothesis — and Maybe A Basis for Discussion:


Disclaimer: I am a layman, so this is not an expert opinion as far as viruses are concerned. I do however, have some understandings of political landscapes, both foreign and domestic, and it doesn’t require a medical degree to observe that:
  • COVID was politicized from Day One.
  • The Left immediately leapt to implement their boldly-stated philosophy: You never let a serious crisis go to waste. (I should note that Winston Churchill ALSO said this, and that it’s not a bad state of mind, depending on what you decide to do in exploiting the crisis in question.)
  • A corollary of the above is: Lacking a good crisis to exploit, all you have to do is manufacture one. This is the MO of the American Left.
  • The Left decided to use COVID in several different ways; (1) to defeat Trump, and (2) to consolidate a LOT of power that they had grabbed across the nation for “emergency reasons.”
Just between you and me and the lamp post, I’m about ready to say that there was never any pandemic in the first place. Just another kind of viral respiratory infection in an environment that’s always producing new viral respiratory infections… as viruses do what they always do: mutate and change.
Next: I understand that “pandemic” just means a medical thing that spreads rapidly around the world (glib, overly brief definition, I know). However, the commonly understood meaning of the word now has a large component of “danger” and “risk” with it. I could be wrong, but I think a huge worldwide outbreak of, say, pink eye, wouldn’t get the label “pandemic.”
A simple truth is that the reaction to COVID probably killed more people than the virus. After all, as a country, we put the response to COVID in the hands of… governors, many of whom are hard-leftist Democrats.
That was like saying: “I know, let’s consign the elderly and the health-compromised to a bunch of corrupt, incompetent (in some cases perverted) bastards, who have no regard for human life, and are morons anyway. What could possibly go wrong?!?”
What those corrupt, incompetent (in some cases perverted) bastards did was fill nursing homes with sick people, and force children to wear masks. In other words, they guaranteed a hugely inflated death toll. In still other words: You can take what is simply another flu and turn it into a “pandemic,” quite easily.
Whether you wish to label this thing a “pandemic” or not, it is no longer a source of debate that in America the response to whatever it is, made it far, far worse.
I am starting to come to the conclusion that: There was never any “pandemic” in the first place.
A new strain of virus comes out. Big deal. That happens every year.
Oh, yeah? This one was more potent and virulent!
Really? every new respiratory virus is either more potent or less potent than all the other ones. Again, no big deal. On a macro scale, of course! Of course every death from anything, including COVID, is an enormous tragedy, and I mean that absolutely seriously!
Fully half the deaths attributed to COVID in America were due to moron governors filling nursing homes with sick people, thereby exposing the elderly and the health-compromised to… a bunch of sick people. What could possibly go wrong there?!?
A bunch more deaths attributed to COVID were not because of COVID, but rather happened with COVID present. How many people would have survived and been just fine without the other injuring event? No one can know, but expert medical people tell me that the number is quite large.
Bottom line: in terms of people killed by this thing, the moron governors hugely inflated the numbers by being, well, morons. And CDC morons hugely inflated the numbers by not putting together an intelligent standard by which to measure: COVID deaths. Deaths actually due to COVID, not deaths with COVID.
Next: Every year, a new respiratory virus comes out, because viruses do what viruses do… mutate.
If there had not been the hysterical response to COVID that there was, what would have happened?
Well, overall deaths are not up, year-by-year from pre-COVID to now.
Interesting. Not surprising though. COVID discriminates aggressively against the elderly and the health-compromised. People who were at risk of dying anyway. People who were already contributing to morbidity statistics at a more rapid rate than other people.
Yes, yes, yes… I understand. This past year, people didn’t engage in behaviors that spread the flu, so cases of the flu were much lower this year.
However, all evidence seem to point to the conclusion that, left unattended, and absent the hysteria, COVID might have caused a small and temporary up-tick in overall deaths in the world, but that’s about it.
Hardly a “pandemic.” Just another “flu,” like the swine one, or the avian one, of the Spanish one, or the SARS one, or the MERS one, or the H1N1 one… (yes, yes, I know… redundancies and all. Just naming a bunch of names we’ve all heard for: the flu)
So, this might be the first time you’ve ever heard this, but it might be time to conclude that: There was no pandemic. Just viruses acting like, well… viruses.
Please feel free to try to shoot me down, as I’m sure many will, but do try to be polite.
— xPraetorius
July 7/2021

13 thoughts on “Hypothesis: There Was No Pandemic.

  1. Very well said x! You forgot to mention the faulty PCR test which diagnosed completely healthy people with as covid positive, giving us a true casademic! Also the WHO conveniently changed the definition of a pandemic just before covid hit by taking out the “causes mass amount of deaths.” Hmmmm….

  2. A sound hypothesis.
    Let’s also not forget that those who imposed all those lockdowns have blood on their hands.
    It’s not only I who has this opinion.

    “The data shows lockdowns end more lives than they save”

    “Now that the 2020 figures have been properly tallied, there is still no convincing evidence that strict lockdowns reduced the death toll from COVID-19. But one effect is clear: more deaths from other causes, especially among the young and middle-aged, minorities and the less affluent.

    The best gauge of the pandemic’s impact is what statisticians call excess mortality, which compares the overall number of deaths with the total in previous years. That measure rose among older Americans because of COVID-19, but it rose at an even sharper rate among people aged 15 to 54, and most of those excess deaths weren’t attributed to the virus.

    Some of those deaths could be undetected COVID-19 cases, and some could be unrelated to the pandemic or the lockdowns. But preliminary reports point to some obvious lockdown-related factors.”


    “The lockdowns may also have saved some lives, but there’s still no good evidence. When the 50 states are ranked according to the stringency of their lockdown restrictions, you can see one obvious pattern: The more restrictive the state, the higher the unemployment rate. But there is no pattern in the rate of COVID-19 mortality.

    More than two dozen studies have challenged the effectiveness of lockdowns, showing that closing businesses and schools does little or nothing to reduce infections and deaths from the virus.”


    “The burden of proof rests with those imposing such a dangerous policy, and they haven’t met it. There is still no proof that lockdowns save any lives — let alone enough to compensate for the lives they end.”

    1. Such good information, artaxes! Thank you for this!

      This hypothesis: “The data shows lockdowns end more lives than they save” and its supporting evidence are incredibly important… so, of course, the Left must censor it.


      — x

  3. That’s good to know. I can rest easy now that over 600,000 people have died from something else, not a pandemic which you declared didn’t happen.

    1. Far more than that have died from the flu, from the common cold, from auto accidents, from cancer, from heart disease, from a whole host of other things.

      For example, it is appearing more and more likely that more people died as a result of the RESPONSE to COVID than from COVID itself.


      — x

      1. Nice to know that despite all the doctors, scientists, experts, researchers and the like, xPraetorius’s thoughts are light years ahead of anything they say.

        1. First of all, “light-years” are measures of distance, not time.

          And I never said I was ahead of anyone, only that I bothered to look deeper into the whole COVID/mask/vaccines thing, and found a world of intelligent dissenting thinking, backed up by real, credible scientists, that says the opposite of what the prevailing narrative out there is — the same narrative advanced by the tech gazillionaires whose puppet you are.


          — x

          1. Well, third of all, I know what light years are.

            Fourth, who are these “real credible scientists”?

            Fifth, why would “tech gazillionaires”, which I highly doubt even exist, want to pass along this narrative of a very real pandemic?

          2. 1) Then, why did you use “light-years” incorrectly?

            2) Do some research… Stop being lazy. You might learn something.

            3) “Gazillionaire” is a slang term, obviously. IOf you don’t know who the massively wealthy tech people are, then you’re obviously not qualified to talk about anything.


            — x

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