About Praetori

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For the first two centuries of its existence the Praetorian Guard was a greatly positive force within the Roman state. During this time it mostly removed (or allowed the removal of) cruel, weak, and unpopular emperors while supporting just, strong, and popular ones. By protecting these leaders, thereby extending their reigns, the Guard helped to give the empire a much-needed source of stability that contributed to the period known as the Pax Romana.

– – –

We are Praetori, a blog with a thoughtful approach to things. What things? Arts. Current events. Politics. History. Family. Faith. All else. We accept written contributions from all over.

Who We Are:

  • xPraetorius: this is our catch-all ID. Someone who wishes to post as xPraetorius must submit his(*) posts to the entire think tank for review.
  • yPraetorius: a woman
  • zPraetorius: a man
  • aPraetorius: a man
  • bPraetorius: a man with an impressive résumé in the sports world. bPraetorius has had a noteworthy career in baseball and, after his playing days were over, in sports announcing and commentary. However, “b” writes about anything. He has appeared in these pages mostly as “xPraetorius” to this point.
  • cPraetorius: a man

(If a writer has no comment after his name, then he has chosen to remain completely anonymous.)

What We Write About:

We write about anything. However, we try to keep our writing topical; relevant to contemporary events. If we write, for example, about history, we try to relate it to life today.

Our thoughtful approach usually leads us in a “conservative” direction, as good thinking nearly always does. We pull no punches. We try to be plainspoken. The truth is the truth is the truth. Some truths are hard for some to read, but we will not shy away from being controversial.

The United States of America, the greatest country in the history of the world, is at a crucial juncture in its existence. It is being run by a bunch of warmed-over 60’s hippy retreads whose “ideas” — really just empty words wrapped around the hunger for power — have been discredited for decades.

These earnest hippies can  be vicious. They frequently retaliate, constantly proving the thesis that too much power in the hands of central government is a really bad thing.

To protect the anonymity of the authors, we, the owners of this blog, do no writing ourselves. We simply collect what our stable of authors write for us, and pass it along via this blog.

Please peruse our posts, there to the right, under the “Recent Posts” heading. Use the search box to locate posts pertaining to your interest(s). We cover a lot of ground here, so don’t be afraid to search out any topic whatsoever. Chances are one of us has had something to say that will come from a perspective you won’t see “out there.”

You Can Write For Us:

If you wish to submit essays, articles or other pieces of interest to the Praetorian Writers’ Group, you may. You even may use the “xPraetorius” pen name if you wish to preserve your anonymity perfectly.

Please understand that if you choose to use “xPraetorius” as your byline, then we will assume that you wish to speak for the think tank as a whole, and will need to review your proposed content before approving it for publication.

If your content meets our rather exacting standards, we may invite you to join our stable of contributors. Such an invitation, however, will not be automatic upon acceptance of your first, or even your second or third submission. We evaluate each writer on his own merits.

If we do invite you to join us, you may then write for us in one of three ways: (1) completely anonymously, using the “x” pen name, (2) semi-anonymously, using a Praetori pen name, or (3) openly as yourself.

Please note: If you do decide to submit content to The Praetorian Writers’ Group, your content will be seen at the highest levels of power in the world. Please bear this in mind and choose your words carefully.

(*) – Please see our style guide for word usage.


10 thoughts on “About Praetori

  1. You are quite the bitter, unhappy man. xPraetorius, for someone that prides himself on his intelligence, you aren’t very good at hiding your true identity–ARTHUR SEERY!

    1. First, who the heck is Arthur Seery?

      Second: as you should have surmised, xPraetorius is an amalgam. y, z, a, b and cPraetorius are individuals. x writes under one name, but publishes the work of others as well under his name.

      Here’s the way it works. If a writer wishes to publish an essay, but wants an extra level of anonymity, he will ask to publish his work under the x name.

      x does, however, do all the editing for the think tank. If you’d been reading, you’d have been aware of all this.

      So, nice try, skip…however, it might have been better if you’d at LEAST guessed someone I’d heard of!

      One quick thing: you will NEVER identify either me or the writers in this think tank, until we decide to reveal who we are.

      However, I can give you some hints. x is a man. y is a woman. a, b, c and d are all men.

      We all come from very different backgrounds, but one of us is a VERY prominent citizen, with continuing responsibilities in very high places. It is for this reason that he or she wishes to remain anonymous.

      As for the other writers of The Praetorian Writers’ Group, they all wish to maintain their anonymity for various reasons. Trust me; you’ll never find out who they are unless they want you to. 🙂

      One more thing…before your not-even-close guess, you fell into the usual trap: telling me all about myself without knowing a thing about me, or even who I am.

      I can tell you for sure — because I know me better than anyone, in fact, I’m rather attached to me — I am not Arthur Seery, whoever that is. Furthermore, I’m FAR from a bitter, unhappy man. To the contrary, actually. Since I’m THE definitive source for ANY and ALL information as to who, how and what I am, if you were to argue with me, you would reveal yourself to be kind of a dummy.

      Let’s make at least ONE thing clear, skip…I’LL tell YOU what I feel and think and whether I’m happy or not. NOT the other way around. Got it? And, by the way, I’ll extend to you the same courtesy. Good…glad we got THAT out of the way.

      Well, as it turns out I DO know a LOT about you, skipturner… you pretend to hide behind a WordPress page, but I know who you are. You’re a sad, strange, little man (Nothing like a Buzz Lightyear quote!), your thinking is fuzzy, dim and disjointed, and your speaking is odd. People cringe when you start to say something, because they’re never sure what embarrassing thing will issue forth next.

      That’s right, skipturner, you ARE Joe Biden!

      (See how silly ME telling YOU all about YOU sounds?)


      — x

  2. Hi,
    I have been reading your blog for more than couple of months now and have learned a lot. It is really good and you are maintaining it very well. I would like to submit my post on your blog (as guest post) with my website link. Please let me know if you are accepting guest posts for free of cost and I’m ready to discuss my contents with you, I promise you with unique, quality and 100% plagiarism free content. I am looking forward to get your reply.
    Thank You,
    Tanya Schenck

  3. Hi. Tanya! First, thank you for your kind words.

    Next – we’d be delighted to review your post for submission as a guest blogger. Please read the rules for submitting content, and we ask only that you adhere to those rules.

    You are free to write about any topic under the sun, and you are free to express yourself nearly completely freely (again, subject only to the constraints discussed in the rules).

    Let’s talk about the rest of any arrangements privately via e-mail. I’m at ag.player@yahoo.com


    — x

  4. Hi, Karina! I’m very much appreciating your very, very uplifting messages. You focus so strongly, yet so tenderly and lovingly, on Jesus in your life, that I marvel, and am moved.

    It is I who should thank you … and so, I do. 🙂


    — x

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