Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment

Wait… a prominent Democrat has been accused of sexual harassment?!? <sarcasm alert>Hold on while I pick up my jaw from the floor!</sarcasm alert>

And, of course, now it comes out that this kind of behavior has been well-known for a long time. What’s the term? An “open secret?” *Sigh* [Insert: Dude-with-bored-expression-twirling-finger-in-the-air emoji here]

This is the point that I made back even before Harvey Weinstein days: The Dems and the Left are completely amoral, so there is a lot of this sludge still buried all across America.

And, yes, yes, yes, Republicans and Conservatives do it too… but a whole lot less. Why? Because being kind of a starched shirt is baked into being in the GOP, or being a Conservative.

Now that Cuomo’s cooked, the Dems smell blood in the water, and it’s okay for them to pile on. Never let it be said that the Dems don’t love to kick somone when he’s down!

With that said, Cuomo deserved to be down long, long, long ago! If there had been an honest media corps, then he would have been gone long ago, and many women and others would have been spared a whole lot of abuse! Heck thousands of elderly people might still be alive today!

Leftist corruption doesn’t only harass, grope, maul and molest… it kills too.

— xPraetorius

2 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Harassment

    1. Exactly!

      And, as mentioned, I guaran-durn-TEE you that there’s a whole lot of this moronic, imbecilic, self-obsessed, puerile, crappy behavior out there still!


      — x

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