REALLY Interesting Debate With Some HIGH-POWERED Leftists (Part II)

In this essay here, I told you of Kevin Williamson’s support for my comparison of Bernie Sanders to Nazis.

The most important thing to take away from that essay, though, was this line here at the end:

…the left has only emotion, a desire for power, and the fervent hope that you won’t investigate more deeply than what you hear on ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-MSNBC-NPR-PBS.

In other words the left fervently hopes that you won’t pay attention.

Kevin Williamson committed the cardinal sin — for the left — of paying attention. More to the point, he then told us all honestly what he found while he was paying attention.

Anyone who actually pays attention — even for a little bit — can never be a leftist, and Williamson is not a leftist. As a result, he has no need for an agenda beyond trying to find stuff out.

It’s not easy to be a Conservative in America today, like Kevin Williamson. The vast fetid tide of stinking twaddle that assaults your eyes, ears and intelligence 24/7/365, is a veritable soundwall of leftist hokum emanating from nearly every corner. To be a Conservative today in America, you have to buck that tsunami of tsupidity and tsilliness, and dig deeper, and think it through.

And you have to be ready to take abuse. From the glitterati, the blitherati, the halfwitterati, and the IQ-of-a-potato-erati. In other words: the media A-List.

If you’re a Conservative in America today — especially one who’s as outstanding a writer as Kevin Williamson is — you say that you’re willing to forego the accolades that will rain down on you from all corners if you toe the leftist party line, and act and speak, and think — just like the sheep that most leftists are(1). You say that the truth, and your own integrity, are more important to you than fame and fortune, and guest spots on National Public Radio.

It’s our job, as responsible American citizens, to pay attention.

In recent posts (here, and here), I said that all we have to do is read what the left writes, or listen to what they say, to discern the contradictions that quickly show their “thinking” to be ludicrous. That’s all that Kevin Williamson has done in his essay. Nothing more than paying attention to what Bernie Sanders(2) has to say, then thinking about it a bit.

It doesn’t take too long before what the left says simply evaporates, leaving nothing but a steaming pile of embarrassingly moronic codswallop.

— xPraetorius


(1) – Those leftists who are not blind followers are also known as “Conservatives-to-be.” If, that is, they have the courage to continue to think independently.

(2) –  And Donald Trump


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