Commonsense Observations About the Vaccines


TL;DR Summary: If there’s greater risk for healthy children from the COVID vaccines as opposed to from COVID itself, then children should not be vaccinated.

It’s morally repugnant to vaccinate children in this circumstance. Also, since it’s well-known that healthy children are at nearly zero risk from COVID itself, it’s morally repugnant to vaccinate young children if the difference in risk is unknown. To do so constitutes medical experimentation and no civilized society permits medical experimentation on young children.

There’s a risk of some kind of bad outcome associated with COVID and healthy, young children (absent any other considerations than “healthy” and “young”). That risk is usually expressed with a number, generally shown as a percentage. Let’s call it x%.

There’s a risk of some kind of bad outcome associated with the vaccines for COVID and those same children. That risk is also usually expressed with a number, again generally shown as a percentage. Let’s call it y%.

We know two things about those two numbers, x and y: (1) x is very, very low, while y is likely quite low, and (2) they’re different; ie: one is greater than the other.

The answer to the question: “Vaccinate healthy young children?” ought to be easy then: If x > y, then people should be okay with vaccinating their kids, especially if the difference is considerable. However, if y > x, then kids should not be vaccinated. None of this strikes me as particularly controversial.

Since it’s likely that both numbers are very, very low, it seems obvious that any mandate to vaccinate should be seen as deeply immoral. Or: why vaccinate when the kids are in nearly zero danger in the first place? We don’t tell kids not to play in the yard, even though there’s a non-zero risk of their being struck by a meteor, do we?

One quick remark: If the relative risk between the unvaccinated and vaccinated status is unknown, then vaccinating healthy young children can only be seen as medical experimentation. It’s morally repugnant to perform medical experiments on young children.

Again, none of this strikes me as all that controversial.

— xPraetorius

3 thoughts on “Commonsense Observations About the Vaccines

    1. Such a good question, Tricia! I can’t imagine a single reason for it, beyond the reasons that aren’t valid reasons: stupidity, corruption, ignorance, apathy, laziness… all the things most characteristic of our government!


      — x

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