Who knew that The Science! had changed yet again?!?

Especially rock-solid Science! like: The Big Bang.

Yep. It’s wrong now. When I was very young, we learned that The Big Bang happened. That all the matter in the universe was compressed to an immeasurably tiny point called a singularity.

The singularity blew up — the Big Bang — and we had a universe! Right?

Well, that’s the answer on the quiz that would have garnered a check mark for you. But it’s wrong.

Apparently the latest is that there was no singularity, and the Big Bang is now being called (just a working title, apparently) The Big Expansion.

It’s all part of the latest thinking to try to explain the expanding universe in which all celestial objects are receding from Earth, and those that are more distant are receding faster. Some, it’s thought by many scientists, are receding from us at faster than the speed of light! I saw that little tidbit in a video that suggested strongly that the Theory of Relativity is… wrong.

Say it ain’t so, Albert! The Theory of Relativity has been “right” for more than a century! Proof after proof after proof, using cool things like gravitational lenses and the like, have proven that Einstein was right!

Or was he?

The point here is that The Science! — and its accompanying Scientists! — are no more infallible on any topic, and especially on topics like brandy-new corona viruses, than any one of us!

We have lots of information on similar viruses, but each variant represented a, yep, surprise! because… we — and the most informed and highly educated among us — don’t understand them completely.

When anyone comes onto the television screen, and speaks in ever so confident tones telling you all the stuff he knows about this or that new virus or variant… he wants to sound authoritative and informed and intelligent and wise and with it… But he’s just guessing.

Oh, his guesses are better than yours or mine (assuming you’re a virus layperson) but they’re guesses all the same. And the more recent the arrival of the virus or the variant, the greater the extent to which the “expert’s” presentation is… guesswork.

Covid and all its variants are very recent. By definition all the first declarations were… mostly guesswork.

It was at that point that the imperative to have access to all manner of different thinking and information was most crucial. And, of course, that’s when the media and Social Media began desperately and aggressively to clamp down on and censor any voices that might contradict, let’s face it, the guesses coming from our public health authorities.

As it is, and likely because of this censorship, there are still people who believe, and repeat like a mantra, that the “vaccines” (they’re not vaccines) are “safe and effective.” Even, though that notion has been known to be nonsensical for many months.

How many children will be harmed because there are so many millions of parents in America who bought the masking superstition peddled so aggressively by the media, all while aggressively censoring countervailing thoughts? Thoughts that might have broken the stranglehold of the media and Social Media information juggernauts busily propping up as unassailable truth the, let’s face it, guesswork coming from our public health authorities.

Lest anyone think this is any kind of anti-vax screed, it’s not. The polio, measles, smallpox, mumps, rubella and other vaccines are miracles of human ingenuity; godsends to billions of people around the world. They’ve saved countless lives, and I, like so many others, am in awe of those who discovered and formulated them.

Those vaccines, however, have the benefit of having been in circulation and in common use, for decades now. So, we know what they do. They have a record.

It’s important also to note this very discordant thing: It’s possible that the roll-out of those vaccines was as irresponsible as the roll-out of these Covid non-vaccine vaccines. The difference in the two eras explains the difference in the reactions of the two populations separated by the decades.

Bottom Line:The Science” is like any human work product. Imperfect, incomplete, often nonsensical (Phrenology, Eugenics, Lysenkoism)… fallible. It’s also full of breathtaking gems of human accomplishment. And it’s even full of “established, accepted theories,” “settled science” that also can turn out to be… wrong.

That kind of thing should land with a Big Bang on the notion that we need mask mandates or vaccine mandates. Or that anyone should censor any dissenting ideas about the, let’s face it, guesswork about Covid coming from the public health authorities.

– xPraetorius


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