Mike Says a Mouthful!

Mike Says a Mouthful!

Government is not the Savior… quite the opposite, and we should hobble, restrain, limit, chain, hamstring, button down, lock down and lock up government in every way possible. Continue reading Mike Says a Mouthful!


A Simple Observation About Obamacare

The very assertion that people will die if  Obamacare is repealed or reformed is by far the most eloquent, compelling, stark condemnation of  Obamacare that anyone could ever possibly make. Why on earth would we ever put in place a system or government program on which people would become so dependent that without it they’d die? It’s hard to think of a more immoral thing for a government to do. Continue reading A Simple Observation About Obamacare

Do You Realize…

If you want to see where the world will end up, look to the thinking of the political right-wing in America today. If “evolution” is a thing, then the world will evolve toward the most advanced thinking there is. That’s, let’s face it, obviously on the political Right. The only question is when will the rest of the world understand this? Continue reading Do You Realize…