Narratives Unraveling… Unraveling… Unraveling…

Narratives Unraveling… Unraveling… Unraveling…

Now, the ones who say that it (COVID) appears to have originated in a lab in Wuhan, China are the hip, with it, in-crowd. And they’re telling you and me that they knew this was possible all along.


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The Left Hasn’t Produced a Good Idea in a VERY Long time!

The Left Hasn’t Produced a Good Idea in a VERY Long time!

The Left’s main philosophical thrust for many generations has been: increase the size, scope, reach and power of the central government. Or: the same awful, reactionary, top-down, people-crushing style of governance in place around the world nearly forever… until, that is, America came along and showed everyone a far, far better way.


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Commonsense Observations About the Vaccines

Commonsense Observations About the Vaccines

We don’t tell kids not to play in the yard, even though there’s a non-zero risk of their being struck by a meteor, do we?


One quick remark: If the relative risk between the unvaccinated and vaccinated status is unknown, then vaccinating healthy young children can only be seen as medical experimentation. It’s morally repugnant to perform medical experiments on young children.


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I Had To Laugh…

I Had To Laugh…

The media knew that they needed only to repeat that mantra over and over and over and over again, and that would do it. The narrative, like a well-placed hook in a trout’s lip, would be sufficiently set in place… regardless of the actual results of the election.


Oh, you’re the trout.


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Say it! <i>Frequently. Loudly. Relentlessly.</i>

Say it! Frequently. Loudly. Relentlessly.

These accusers are out of intellectual gas, and have been so for a very long time. Otherwise, there’s another simple truth: If they had compelling, persuasive, intelligent arguments to deploy, they’d… deploy them.


The truth is simple: The accusers have as much evidence that you’re a racist as you have that they’re child molesters. Therefore, if they call you a racist, then it’s okay to call them child molesters. Say the truth. Tell the truth. Frequently. Loudly. Relentlessly. The truth shall set us all — even the morons and idiots — free.


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It’s On — Whether We Want to Admit It or Not

It’s On — Whether We Want to Admit It or Not

The Socialist bastards are making an aggressive, global push to re-structure the world into some kind of one-world tyranny from which it will be impossible for the people to extricate themselves.


If you thought it was difficult to bring about meaningful change in a country the size of the United States, imagine what it’ll be like when you try to do it for the whole world… and the response back is only: “Can’t change it; One World treaty obligations.”

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The Great American Stupid

The Great American Stupid

Still, no one states the obvious conclusion that everyone should draw from this: The Left recognizes — loudly, publicly and ostentatiously — that they can’t win a real debate on any important issue. So they simply dispatch whatever goons they’ve got hanging around to prevent the debate entirely.


Surely everyone’s also noticed that all goons are leftists, yes?


There are points — legitimate points — to make that run counter to Conservative ideas. Conservative thinking, though, is apparently so far beyond the ken of your average Democrat politician, and many of their voters, that they don’t bother even to try to engage with them.


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Needed: A Socialism/Leftism “Vaccine!”

Needed: A Socialism/Leftism “Vaccine!”

Far more than a COVID vaccine, America desperately needs a “vaccine” against Leftism and Socialism (basically the same thing). Because they’re FAR deadlier than COVID!


The depredations of Socialism are KNOWN! Just not NEARLY as well-known as those of Hitler and his thugs. So, the atrocities of the Left, though far more numerous, and over a far longer time, haven’t made their way into the deep recesses of all Americans’ psyches as have those of the Nazis.


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Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Dark Horse… A Good Start?

Conservative thinking is challenged, derided, sneered at, condemned… from the moment it appears. When WE do our thinking and our formulations of potential solutions, WE have to PRE-consider the inevitable tsunami of accusations of Racism! Sexism! This-o-phobia! That-o-phobia! You hate children! You hate women! Etc., etc., etc…


When the Left proposes something, they think that the proposal is perfect and complete from the moment of its birth! It requires no further adjustments or tweaking or re-thinking… because all the loud voices in the media and academia and Hollywood and pop culture tell them so.


Bottom line: OUR thinking is stronger, more flexible, more commonsensical, more logical… more tested. If we COMPETE in the war of ideas, we will WIN the war of ideas.


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Platform Or Publisher?

Platform Or Publisher?

• Regardless of whether the social media outlets are platforms or publishers, they have vast power.


Censorship is how the Left does it. They deprive the right of the ability to communicate with the American people.


• The ones who censor dissenting opinions are admitting both:

     — their insecurity in the strength of their own beliefs, and

     — that they themselves suspect that their beliefs will not survive in a fair fight. 


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The Popularity of Today’s American Left Depends Entirely on Lies.

The Popularity of Today’s American Left Depends Entirely on Lies.

for example: No  demographic group in the history of the world enjoys more benevolent feeling, more sincere, earnest good will than black Americans. Yet, the American Left insists that every white person in the country wastes vast quantities of his or her personal time in trying to determine how to make and keep black Americans miserable.


The popularity of today’s American Left depends entirely on this and other lies.


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What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like? (Update…)

What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like? (Update…)

“If you’re going to pursue things of value in a social environment, you’re going to produce a hierarchy. It’s unavoidable, because some people are better at whatever it is that you value, and so when that lays itself out socially it will produce a hierarchy.


The hierarchy has a necessity, if you’re going to pursue the things of value. But it has a risk. The risk is that it will ossify and become corrupt. That’s risk number one. And risk number two is that when you produce the hierarchy, you’re going to dispossess a number of people, because there’ll be lots of people in the hierarchy who aren’t good at it, and they’ll be dispossessed. So you need a political voice for them. That’s the Left.”


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What Would A <b><i>GOOD</i></b> Political Left-Wing Look Like?

What Would A GOOD Political Left-Wing Look Like?

For a very long time, we’ve been insisting in these pages that we on the political Right need a responsible, mature, rational Left to counter us.


We’ve also pointed out that for at least three generations, the Left has proven unwilling, or unable, to fill that vital role in American politics, instead greeting all Conservative thinking with, you guessed it: “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!” “Transphobe!” “Thisophobe!” “Thatophobe!” “Theotherthingophobe!” and the rest.


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Us and Our Disclaimers

Us and Our Disclaimers

As anyone who’s paid attention even slightly knows, we on the Right speak in disclaimers: “<disclaimer>Look, what happened to George Floyd was horrible, and really wrong, and a bunch of elaboration on all that, and more great and virtuous things about me, and what I believe, and I’m such a good guy/gal, and no one has condemned this more than I have —  in fact, look at all I’ve done to make things better! — and no one knows better than I do what we all have to do to change things, and we all know that things have to change, and I take a back seat to no one in my contempt for… until I believed I’ve been immunized against future abuse for stating my opinion.</disclaimer> Now, here’s what I really want to say…”


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Proving Socialism is Bad: <b><i>Geographically</i></b>

Proving Socialism is Bad: Geographically

The world can be seen as divided into two parts: In one part the people live well, freely and with great opportunity to advance their circumstances


In the other part of the world, the people live in squalor, poverty, disease and despair. Worse, they have no possibility to improve their lives.


Where the people live well is entirely Capitalist; where the people live horribly is entirely Socialist.


Is there any wonder there are no mass movements to any overtly Socialist country? Is it any surprise that all migrations are from Socialist countries to Capitalist countries?


Of course it’s no surprise. Socialism is bad… really bad.


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Here Are The Institutions That Have Failed(1) Miserably in This Crisis

Here Are The Institutions That Have Failed(1) Miserably in This Crisis

Did anyone really doubt that in the case of such a crisis, left-wing people and institutions would fail miserably? Thinking back, how would a hypothetical President Hillary Clinton have handled any of this differently? How would the press have covered her efforts?


Well, the crisis arrived, and — surprise, surprise! — all the left-wing people and institutions — around the world! — failed miserably.


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As Usual… (Part II)

First of all, take heart! It’s all over but the shouting!


That doesn’t change the fact that there’ll be a whole lot of shouting!


Next, if you want to stop future outbreaks of things like this coronavirus catastrophe, then simply overthrow the fascist government in China and install a free-market democracy that will allow the Chinese people to prosper so that they’re not forced to eat all manner of wild creatures bought in disgusting, filthy, open air slaughterhouses called, “wet markets.”


Liberate China! (it’ll save millions, maybe billions, of lives)


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As Usual…

As usual, we’re in this stupid mess because of stupid things done and said by stupid leftists.


I for one am sick and tired of the crap that seems to pour from the political Left — in America and around the world — like a wide-open sewer drain in a torrential downpour on New Year’s Day.


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It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory… It’s Not Paranoia

Conservatives are telling everyone, and themselves, that the Left is just okay with losing the Presidency, what they don’t want is to lose significantly in the down-ballot races. This is why they’ve maneuvered to get Bernie Sanders out of the race. They hypothesize further that with Sanders in the race, the Democrats were convinced they’d lose heavily everywhere across the country.


This is almost all incorrect.


It’s hard to put into words the catastrophe the Democrats were envisioning — before the coronavirus, that is.


Democrats were envisioning the very real possibility that Trump wins re-election and that the doddering Ginsburg and Breyer would leave their posts on the Supreme Court, unable to make it through four more long years of Trump. Both Associate Justices are ancient, but both are perfectly predictably left-wing in all the positions they take on the Court. That means that “Conservatives” (really: Constitutionalists) hold an extremely tenuous 5-4 margin on the court today (Roberts-Alito-Thomas-Kavanaugh-Gorsuch vs. Sotomayor-Kagen-Breyer-Ginsburg).


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Sanders Wins Nevada

Don’t forget, this is the same party that nominated the addled, half-witted Bolshevik sympathizer, Henry Wallace to run for the Vice-Presidency under… Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt and Wallace won the election of 1940, and Wallace was a heartbeat away from the Presidency itself. Wallace was a Soviet spy


Roosevelt’s closest adviser for a very long time was his Commerce Secretary, Harry Hopkins. Hopkins was a Soviet spy.


Why should anyone be surprised that the Democrat Party would embrace a batsh*t crazy half-witted, communist sympathizer like Bernie Sanders?


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Was Romney Actually Working for Trump?

When Mitt Romney announced that he was going to vote guilty, he provided all the cover any wavering Dems needed in order to be, well… Dems. Now, they can pretend that the impeachment voting was “bipartisan.”


However, the once wavering Dems now have to face their voters. And there’s a very good possibility that Doug Jones of Alabama just signed his own political death warrant.


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Leftists Are Cowards

Leftists always, always, always gravitate toward the ones who will kill you. It’s the very same thing as the secondary henchkids of the elementary school playground bully. The ones who gravitate to the power that radiates from the bully. However, you and I always understand the real nature of these toadies: they’re cowards. They fear the very same bully in whose shadow they scuttle around like roaches. They figure that if they become the bully’s sycophants, they protect themselves from the bully’s threat of violence.


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FCOL!* — For Hillary: Credit Where Credit’s Due!

Hillary remains, and will always remain, royally ticked off at Bernie. So ticked off that she might do something that goes so utterly and completely against everything she is, in the very fiber of her being: tell the truth.


Don’t forget, Hillary still wants to be at the top of the heap on the Left. Like any top, or formerly top, leftist, she continues to crave power.


Have you ever noticed how leftists never just… go away? They lose, but they continue to scratch and claw and scrabble for power. It’s who and how they are. It’s because power is the thing they crave above all else, and that’s what makes them leftists to the core.


Let’s face it, Hillary still wants to be the President. However, since she can’t be, she still wants to grab and wield as many levers of power as she can. And, howlingly obviously, she still wants her 2016 loss to be someone else’s fault. 


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