All Praetorian Writers’ Group Posts — Grouped by Year

Since our inception in November of 2011, we’ve posted a whole lot of posts — more than 2,300 of them. Our posts are longer, on average, than the posts of most blogs, because we endeavor to support our argumentation. We are not ranters. For this reason, we draw fewer counter-arguments … because we back up what we say.

Longer posts, along with solid supporting evidence, examples and points, scare leftists away. It’s because their attention spans and intellects are limited, while their intellectual laziness is boundless.

If you figure that our posts average something like three pages of a normal-sized book, then this blog is a repository of commentary approximately the size of a dozen of so 600-page text books.(1)

Many academics already use our content in their courses, so this page contains links that point you, or your students, to our collected posts year-by-year.

Several academics have e-mailed us and asked us to categorize our materials using various criteria: 1: Date and time of publication, 2: Topic, 3: Certain key words. This is a way to pull together our posts, categorized by year of publication. In the near future, we’ll explore other categories as well.

The Praetorian Writers’ Group Posts — Year-by-Year

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— xPraetorius


(1) We have a number of posts that represent several hundred book pages, using word count as a measure. Needless to say, these posts — usually a lengthy blog thread re-produced in these pages — skew the average upward significantly. If you were to remove these several dozen posts, you still have a large average post length.