The Left: Incredibly Good at Expressing the Incredibly Stupid. (Part II)

We explained the above topic here. Here are just some more quick thoughts on the topic.

I don’t like boxing. I think it’s stupid. Two brutes in a square “ring” pounding the living daylights out of each other with the only rules being that you have to hit the other poor slob only in certain ways, and only in certain places or (1) it doesn’t count (unless you actually land the punch), and (2) you might get a scolding from the referee. Or, (3) keep it up and the ref might award the fight to your opponent … or something. Whatever.  Can you tell that I think boxing is incredibly stupid?

Many think that Muhammed Ali, once known as Cassius Clay, was the greatest boxer ever. Some called him a genius, and waxed eloquent at the thought of the grace and beauty with which he pulped opponents.

The only thing I could see was someone who was incredibly good at doing something incredibly stupid.

That’s the American Left: incredibly good at expressing the incredibly stupid. They can say really persuasively the stupidest things and get people to vote to elect people who will implement these phenomenally stupid things. I’m thinking of people like Barack Obama and others.

But, we have our persuaders too.

Do you know who they are? Sure you do: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Levin and many, many more. These people were always Conservative, but they never had a forum from which to express themselves.

Then came Rush Limbaugh.

Single-handedly he proved the existence of a vast reservoir of Conservative thought in America, that was, and is, the single greatest weapon against the left and its despair-, hatred- and poverty-filled ideology.

Limbaugh grabbed that immense Conservative market, and with great good cheer and witty bombast, he parlayed his conquest of it into a personal fortune. He also transformed America in a way that Obama could only dream of. Limbaugh lit a flame under more than 200 million voices that had been silent for decades, and they liked it.

But, really, what did Rush Limbaugh actually do? He went where the left had a full, complete, total, iron-fisted monopoly — the media — and he invaded it and he overthrew it.

Why haven’t we seen this before?

The left still has full, complete, total, iron-fisted monopolies in various places. Various big places: Hollywood, academia, the rest of the media.

What does that mean? Simple. There remain vast untapped, unserved, crowds of Conservatives out there. They’re waiting for an Academic Rush Limbaugh — at all levels. Waiting for a Hollywood Rush Limbaugh. Waiting to storm these bastions of hidebound, reactionary leftist thinking. We’ve had greats in these arenas, but no one — that I can think of — with the unabashed, confident, aw-shucks, America-lovin’ drive of a Rush Limbaugh.

The left are good at expressing the incredibly stupid. But we have people who are good at expressing the really intelligent.

Drop a few such people in those ossified, backward places full of slack-jawed, hick, inbred liberals and save America.

— xPraetorius



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