Great Minds Think Alike

Too funny! I wrote this — Predictions (Part IV) — earlier this morning.

In that column, I wrote:

Why is this? Well, it’s pretty simple. The Democrats rarely live real lives before they latch onto the government like a remora.(1) Look at their candidates. They nearly always glom onto “government service” after something like an Ivy League education. And that’s it. That’s all they do, until old age or some unforeseen scandal or, heaven forfend, an election! forces them off the victim’s, errr… the people’s back.

Then, before I headed out to pick up my rising star volleyball-playing son, I settled in for a relaxing hour with National Review Online, one of the finest political commentary e-magazines in the world. I typically turn to the great Jonah Goldberg first, as I did this time.

In Goldberg’s wonderful, roughly weekly “G-File,” I read this:

I bring this up for two reasons. First, to alert the reader that I am feeling a bit hungover from both smoke and spirit alike (so please, stop reading so loudly!); second, because I think I must say goodbye to another great white beast: Bill Clinton — and his remora bride, Hillary.

Okay … you tell me: how many times do you hear a reference to a remora fish twice in any given day? And the day’s not over! There’s still time for a third, or even a fourth, unlikely encounter with the suckerfish!

I might have put this into our series called, “Powerful, Influential People Read This Blog,” except that I think the great Goldberg’s G-File comes out on Friday, as a rule. The point: the great Goldberg might have mentioned the seldom-mentioned remora just a tad before me.

One more quick note about this: Goldberg’s theme in his G-File — you can’t seem to get rid of these Democrat Party politicians. Nothing, short of the great equalizer time itself, seems to shake them out of the walls and foundation of the edifice of our lives. That theme is pretty much the same theme as the one for our feature that brought up remoras as well.

Plainly there’s a psychic connection between the great Jonah Goldberg and me. And, no, I am not the great Jonah Goldberg.

Or, it could be just that, as I might have mentioned recently … great minds think alike.

— xPraetorius

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