Another Interesting FB Exchange

Another Interesting FB Exchange

I’m JUST FINE with making unsubstantiated, unsupported allegations against widely-known public figures. The assumption IS reasonable that others have heard it all before, and are familiar with the background and any supporting FACTS that might buttress the allegations.


However, if then CHALLENGED to DEMONSTRATE that you know the facts behind the allegations, you DO have a moral duty to do that. Else you suggest that you’re merely swallowing uncritically that which the media, who’ve long proven themselves to be dishonest fraud merchants, have been dishing out. Much of the idea “out there” that Trump is evil has EXACTLY that origin.


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Leftists Are Cowards

Leftists always, always, always gravitate toward the ones who will kill you. It’s the very same thing as the secondary henchkids of the elementary school playground bully. The ones who gravitate to the power that radiates from the bully. However, you and I always understand the real nature of these toadies: they’re cowards. They fear the very same bully in whose shadow they scuttle around like roaches. They figure that if they become the bully’s sycophants, they protect themselves from the bully’s threat of violence.


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In Iran Right Now…

It’s indisputable that, in the context of the Iran nuclear “deal,” the Iranian régime played the Obama administration for a bunch of fools. It wasn’t difficult; the Obama administration was peopled mainly by idiots, led by its egomaniacal idiot-in-chief. The Iran nuclear “deal” was cobbled together by corrupt, left-wing idiots on the American side and, on the Iranian side, by amoral baboons who realized full well that they were negotiating with idiots. What chance, really, did it have of being something good or positive? More to the point, what chance did the deal actually have of curbing Iran’s nuclear power ambitions?


No chance of either.


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About Those ‘Racist Tweets’…

Look, here’s the reality: No matter what Trump said, it would have been greeted with whines of: “Racism! Racism! Racist! Racist! Racist!!!…”


“The Squad,” composed of four non-white women — as well as a three-fer: a brown-skinned, muslim woman — got together, obviously on purpose, to present a big, non-white, female, media-friendly face, precisely because they wanted to indemnify themselves from any criticism of the stupid things they say. 


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Quick Thoughts on the Shooting in New Zealand<b><i>(1)</i></b>

Quick Thoughts on the Shooting in New Zealand(1)

If a trained and armed member of the NRA had been present at any of the recent high-profile massacres, none of these massacres even would have happened… We don’t need gun control, we need leftist control

The Unspeakable, Undeniable Truth: There is something in the writings of Islam that allows for an interpretation that permits, encourages, rewards, whatever… the horrors that we’ve seen from ISIS and other goons. Like it or not, it’s simply true.

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NPR Watch (7/19/17) — Did NPR Check To See Whether Rapes Were Okay?

Far as I can tell, NPR has nearly completely ignored the story of rampant child abuse and rape in Rotherham, England. They did do two stories, in which two words were notably absent: “islam,” and “muslim.” I wonder why that is. Remember what we’ve said numerous times in these pages: You ALWAYS come out of any session with NPR “news” less informed than when you go in. Continue reading NPR Watch (7/19/17) — Did NPR Check To See Whether Rapes Were Okay?

It Struck Me

All the big grievances that the Left fabricate, pretending that America is awash in them, are present most predominantly in the groups the Left pretend to support! These tendencies and evils exist vastly more commonly and pervasively in the groups against which they’re supposedly being committed! Some examples? Sure, why not? … Continue reading It Struck Me

Maybe The Baboons Are Doing Us A Favor

Our problem is that in the west we have Democrats and other assorted pests. They still largely run the place, and they can’t hear the gibbering Allah psychos due to the howling vortex between their ears. At some point, though, one of these attacks is going to tip even them over the edge. You have to understand, the American Left love the muslim baboons because they think that economics trumps everything, and the baboons are Socialists just like the leftists. But they don’t understand that the baboons actually value their religion more than their economics. They’d just use Socialism to enforce their religious correctness society. So, yes, one day, maybe, the gibbering muslim baboons will actually do an attack too far. Of course, for any sensible person, that happened a very long time ago. Continue reading Maybe The Baboons Are Doing Us A Favor

REAL Supremacy Is … Recourse

Think of your HR department at your workplace. Imagine if you, a white dude, were to try to petition your HR director for redress against some kind of discrimination — against any kind of discrimination. Kind of a laughable idea, right? In other words… no recourse. No recourse anywhere. Imagine you’re a white dude trying to bring a complaint for discrimination — any kind of discrimination — to the courts in America. To a university. To your town government. To some arbitration board somewhere. Still just as laughable, isn’t it? No recourse. Continue reading REAL Supremacy Is … Recourse

Islam in The 21st Century

Bottom Line: When the framers wrote the First Amendment, the idea was almost completely unknown that a fundamental tenet of one religion [Islam] would be that there should be no freedom of religion, for any other religion.

No “First Amendment” could even be written in the context of any mix of faiths that might include Islam. At some point, we’ll all have to confront that reality in a rational way. Continue reading Islam in The 21st Century