About Those ‘Racist Tweets’…

Look, here’s the reality: No matter what Trump said, it would have been greeted with whines of: “Racism! Racism! Racist! Racist! Racist!!!…”


“The Squad,” composed of four non-white women — as well as a three-fer: a brown-skinned, muslim woman — got together, obviously on purpose, to present a big, non-white, female, media-friendly face, precisely because they wanted to indemnify themselves from any criticism of the stupid things they say. 


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Quick Thoughts on the Shooting in New Zealand<b><i>(1)</i></b>

Quick Thoughts on the Shooting in New Zealand(1)

If a trained and armed member of the NRA had been present at any of the recent high-profile massacres, none of these massacres even would have happened… We don’t need gun control, we need leftist control

The Unspeakable, Undeniable Truth: There is something in the writings of Islam that allows for an interpretation that permits, encourages, rewards, whatever… the horrors that we’ve seen from ISIS and other goons. Like it or not, it’s simply true.

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NPR Watch (7/19/17) — Did NPR Check To See Whether Rapes Were Okay?

Far as I can tell, NPR has nearly completely ignored the story of rampant child abuse and rape in Rotherham, England. They did do two stories, in which two words were notably absent: “islam,” and “muslim.” I wonder why that is. Remember what we’ve said numerous times in these pages: You ALWAYS come out of any session with NPR “news” less informed than when you go in. Continue reading NPR Watch (7/19/17) — Did NPR Check To See Whether Rapes Were Okay?

It Struck Me

All the big grievances that the Left fabricate, pretending that America is awash in them, are present most predominantly in the groups the Left pretend to support! These tendencies and evils exist vastly more commonly and pervasively in the groups against which they’re supposedly being committed! Some examples? Sure, why not? … Continue reading It Struck Me