Lessons From the Left — or: Leftists are Child Molesters

Important Point: Leftists actually are bad people.

By “leftists,” I mean the leadership of the Left. I don’t include — as bad people — the rank-and-file, garden variety, man-or-woman-on-the-street Democrat voters whom the Leftist leaders dupe into pulling the “D” lever.(1)

Oh, Leftist leaders say they’re good people, but they know they’re not. They know that they’re consumed with the same hatreds of which they accuse their opponents. It’s why they make those scurrilous accusations; so you’ll turn your scrutiny elsewhere and not on them.

The Left’s leadership despises intensely anything that stands in the way of their most cherished goal: power. They’ll lie — and usually do — they’ll steal, defraud, betray, dupe, propagandize, and hoodwink their way into power. They do this all while knowing that they’re doing it, and simultaneously accusing the Right of doing what they themselves are doing.

Yes, all that makes them bad people. And on the Left, they know all this.

Our problem on the Right is that we want desperately to think they’re simply good, but misguided, people. Nope. They’re actually bad people. They mean to do you and me harm, both in order to take power and to reshape America into their vision of what’s good and right. In their perception, what’s good and right is: a country in which they hold the reins of power.(2)

You hear it constantly in what they say. They reveal it all the time, but our desperate, right-wing desire that they be what they’re not prevents us from seeing it.

I don’t often disagree with the great Jonah Goldberg of National Review, but his generally sunny assessment of the character and intentions of those who oppose us ideologically is, I think… too positive. He’s constantly suggesting that people on the Left and on the Right need to “tone it down.” That the Left is guilty of basically fascistic tactics and tendencies, and that they should stop it. But that until they do, we on the Right must not engage in the same dirty fighting.

Well, the ones who engage in fascistic tactics and tendencies are generally… fascists. They usually don’t just cut it out.  Then, though, Goldberg goes on to suggest that those of us on the Right who hit back, and who actually refuse to bring a knife to the gun fight to which the Left constantly invites us (while calling it a knife fight) are exhibiting fascistic tendencies too.

We’re not. To respond in kind is to be realistic. We dropped a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki because the war to which the Japanese Empire invited us was a hellish, horrible thing. To fight it, we did hellish, horrible things. That did not put us on a par with the Japanese Empire of that time. Or with the Nazis or the Italians against whom we fought as well. No, if someone is going to fight dirty, as the Left does constantly, then you have the choice to fight cleanly, and lose, or to get down in the mud and slug it out… and maybe win.

In this post we pointed to the incident in which left-wing MSNBC hostette Joy Reid accused National Review writer David French of hoping for nuclear war because it would, initially at least, kill Democrats and minorities in the cities. The post to which Reid referred couldn’t even remotely have been misconstrued to say that… except, that is, by someone who has herself harbored the same sentiments she accused French of having. There’s no other reasonable explanation.

We pointed out this flagrant projection from the leftist Reid in the above-linked post. Well, we on the Right — Jonah Goldberg for one — engage in projection too. We do it when we pretend that leftists aren’t bad people, but instead are just like us, but with a different outlook on life. No, their outlook, their perspective, their point of view is… bad. Because they’re bad people.

Remember: on the Left, they do this kind of despicable thing… all the time. They frequently take perfectly innocent essays, declarations, statements or articles and accuse the speaker or writer of horrible thoughts and desires.

Yet, and read this well, it is they, on the Left, who are guilty of the despicable sentiments and feelings.

Don’t believe me? Take a brief walk down Policy Lane with me:

  • The thing that has harmed black Americans the most, by far, is the breakdown of the black family, brought about by so-called “Great Society” reforms promulgated by the Left’s political wing, the Democrat Party and signed into law by Democrat President Lyndon Johnson. These “reforms” have resulted in impoverishment, dependence, death and despair for millions upon millions of black Americans. The Left wants more of this. There is no other more obvious case that can be made that the generally white leadership of America’s Left hates black people.
    • The Right introduced welfare reforms that brought millions of black Americans out of poverty.
    • The Left, and the parasitical Race Grievance Industry, call us on the Right: “racists.”
  • Abortion is much loved nearly exclusively on the Left. Abortion has killed before birth tens of millions of black babies. Again, see if you can give me a better example of contempt for any group of people than that.
    • The Right has endeavored to save all these black (and other) babies.
    • The Left calls us on the Right, “racists,” and “sexists.”
  • Changes in society and law made as a result of Feminism — brought to you entirely by the Left — have resulted in the devastation of the two most beneficial social institution ever for both women and children: marriage and the two-parent household. All leftist leaders pronounce themselves proud feminists.(3)
    • The Left calls us on the Right, “sexists,”
  • These same changes have produced a vast dependent class of single mothers, mostly white, who are stuck in a situation in which they’be both inescapably poor, and forced to vote for the leftist politicians whose policy prescriptions made them that way. I don’t think you could find a better example of contempt for women. At least Harvey Weinstein made his victims rich.
    • The Left calls us on the Right, “sexists.”
  • The Left, with its political wing the Democrat Party, has flat-out owned American cities for six decades. If you were to call these cities “s—holes” as President Trump is alleged to have said about certain countries, you wouldn’t be far off. If you were to term cities like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore “killing fields” for black Americans, you wouldn’t be wrong. On the Right, we’ve been long making the case that maybe we should try something different.
    • The Left calls us on the Right, “racists.”
  • And so on…

Look, the leaders of the Left know they’re lying. They know their policies don’t work. However, they also know that their policies are persuasive — at least at first glance. It’s at the first glance where the Left lives. Where they get their power from. They do not want to have anything to do with “deeper scrutiny,” or “in-depth analysis,” or “verifying the success or failure of their policies.”

They especially don’t want to have anything whatsoever to do with “debate.” Reasoned debate is deadly poison to the Left because, absent shout-downs, or vicious name-calling, the Left can’t win any debates.(4)

If they were to engage in such things as debates and reasoned analysis, there would be no Left. There would be only flavors of the Right, the only place from which any original thinking has emerged in the last more than a century.

No one ever wants to actually live, or even spend all that much time, in the places where leftists take over power. The list is very long. American cities, the Soviet Union, Red China, Vietnam, Venezuela, Cuba, Eastern Europe, Africa, North Korea, German cities, French, English, Belgian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish cities — cities also known as “no go zones.” And more…

None of those places was ever a desired destination for mass migrations of people in search of a better life. Ever.

And, of course, Hollywood — overrun by, and run by, the Left — is such a nice place for women! American universities are such wonderful, tolerant places where you can speak your mind freely. The American media are such nice, wholesome places; places where you’d drop your daughter off with confidence that you’re leaving her with such nice people. People like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose. People who’d never even dream of locking her in with them, or emerging from their bathroom… freakin’ naked!(5)

These are all not nice places… because they’re controlled by not nice people. By bad people. We on the Right have to stop kidding ourselves. We are not facing off against people who are simply interested in getting at the truth, or in helping people, or in doing what’s right for the country. We’re facing off against  bad people, people who want simply… power. The sooner we recognize that, and the sooner we think, act, speak, write and work accordingly, the better our chances will be of defeating them. Until then, though, we’re going to continue to be invited in America to knife fights that are really gun fights, to which we’ll bring our usual assortment of intellectual, rhetorical and debating… knives. Or… different metaphor: the Left is playing hardball, and we keep bringing our softball equipment.

On the Right, we have limited choices: #1: continue to get our clocks cleaned, as the complicit media continue to look the other way when faced with leftist corruption, lies and cheating, or #2: demand — loudly, consistently and constantly — that the rules of the game change to allow for real debate. Note: this will always fail, because the media won’t allow it. The other choice is: #3: debate the Left on their turf. We’re smarter; we can simply out-argue, -insult, -jeer, -sneer them if we want to (Trump has proven this). We should do this until they cry Uncle, and then we make them stop. And then we have a debate. A real debate.

Look, it’d be easy to do this: We should at the outset of every so-called debate, say something like this, “Okay, let’s debate this topic. However, the following words are off the table: ‘racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobe, hate, hater.’ And at the first use of one of these words, or the first attempt to mind-read, you the moderator must immediately announce the debate over, and that the would-be mind reader is the loser.”

In these very pages (here and here, for example), we even gave some advice about those many particular instances in which the Left insults or name calls. We said that as soon as some nitwit leftist called a Conservative something like a “racist,” the right-winger should immediately shoot back with, “Yeah? Well, you’re a child molester.” Before the leftist has a chance to pick his jaw back up, tell him that if he can tell merely from a brief discussion about policy that you’re a racist, well then you can tell merely by looking at him, or by interpreting what he says, that he’s a… child molester.” Then, smile sweetly and make the suggestion that you both refrain from name-calling, or engaging in ridiculous attempts to read each other’s minds, and get back to discussing the merits of various policy ideas

Stripped of the ability to insult, name-call or read minds, the Left is weaponless. We on the Right should have no qualms whatsoever about disarming bad people.

The struggle, as far as the Left is concerned, is to the death(6). We need to be aware of that, and we need to recognize the implications of that. On the Left, at least at the leadership levels, they don’t care if we die. In fact, that wouldn’t bother them in the least. Leftist leaders are simply bad people.

— xPraetorius


(1) Interestingly, Hillary Clinton did mean the average, Joe-6-pack Trump voter — you and me — when she made her “Basket of Deplorables” comment.

(2) Another important note: a core principle of the Right is to decrease the centralized power of Washington. As a result, the Left does not want to rule over a capitalist country, because that is a system in which the people, and not the Left, wield great power. This is the reason the Left is socialist: not because they think it “works” as an economic system, they know it doesn’t — they like Socialism because it’s all about concentrating power centrally, in the hands of an élite ruling oligarchy at the top of a country’s power structure.

(3) It should be noted that the devastation of the two-parent household has done vast harm to men as well, but the Left never tries to suck up to men.

(4) You can see this on American university campuses today. There are no recorded instances of a leftist speaker ever being intimidated away from giving a speech or presentation on an American university campus. By contrast, there are dozens (hundreds?) of incidents in which Conservative speakers were prevented from speaking on a college campus by leftist goons. Those are only the most prominent incidents. If you, like me, watched the news shows on which there were Right vs. Left exchanges, the leftist speakers always — always, no exceptions that I can recall — interrupt, talk over, talk through, or filibuster the Conservatives. And they always make sure to have the last word. Always. The idea of shutting down, preventing or simply talking over, debate is very much a leftist thing.

(5) That paragraph was irony.

(6) Don’t believe me? Leftists policies, in effect for decades in American cities, have resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of black Americans. The leadership of the Left knows this, but what is the leftist response to this well-known fact? Simple: More money to finance more of the same deadly policies. The Left does not care, in the least, how many people die as a result of their efforts to obtain power.



3 thoughts on “Lessons From the Left — or: Leftists are Child Molesters

    1. Thank you, Tricia!

      There is a (very strong) current of thought on the Right that says that we must never get into the mud with the Left, or stoop to their level.

      I agree, but… and it’s a big ‘un: the result was that we always allowed them to steal the debate. Nearly every time. Not to win the debate, but to steal it, by allowing the left-wing media to report — truthfully! — that some leftist made an accusation, and the right-winger didn’t respond. (so it must be true)

      I’m not saying that we need to get into the gutter, but if they’re going to be allowed to call us racists, and fascists, and Nazis, and all the rest of the slanders, then we need to do something to counter all that.

      In calling them a name arguably worse than the ones they’re calling us, and certainly more toxic, then we simultaneously illustrate the ridiculousness of what they do, while making an accusation that, just like their accusation, completely lacks credibility.

      It’s a way, I think, to play their game without playing their game. To pretend to play their game.

      To continue with my tortured analogy from the essay, if we prove that we’re willing to bring the gun to the knife fight, that’s really a gun fight, to which the Left always invites us, then I think the Left will be completely taken aback, and bail out, leaving the rhetorical field to us.

      It’s worth repeating: If the Left were unable to use insults, name-calling or mind-reading, they’d have nothing to say… and they’d lose every debate they’re forced to participate in honestly.


      — x

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