This Happened Recently…

I know a person who called into work and said that she felt ill. Her two roommates had COVID at the time, and she was pretty sure she had now caught it too.

Her boss said, “Stay out of work entirely for five days, and you can work from home, but lightly, for the next five days. Ten days altogether (including the weekend). Get well soon!

My friend asked her boss, “When is the record of the positive test due on your desk?” The boss replied, “Oh, you don’t need to get a test. Just do as I just said.

That was it.

My friend worked from home for the next ten business days (just to be sure) and then went back into the office. As it turns out, there are a whole heckuva lot of people calling in like this. My friend says that it’s kind of a running joke that people are getting nice chunks of unscheduled time off all over her company!

My question: To what extent are the COVID victims actually infected with COVID (as opposed to a cold or something else that’s so common in winter)? To what extent are people realizing they can get some serious time off simply by uttering the magic word? To what extent is this happening across the country?

Finally: Can anyone doubt that there is magic now? I mean, look what that word does!

– xPraetorius


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