Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XII)

The Democrat Party never gets rid of its idiots. Like buboes, they sit and sit and sit, growing, festering, filling with political putrefaction, getting more and more inflated. Electoral humiliations never bother these carbuncles. The Democrat party requires a good electoral lancing, and the captive groups composing their “base” never deliver it. Hence you have what you have today in the Democrat Party: Pathetic, old ’60’s hippie throwbacks, their glory days 40 years in the past, leading dynamic, energetic, brainless, uneducated, mediagenic half-wits; the prissy oldsters trying less and less successfully to keep the spoiled, snot-nosed brats from running amok in the classroom.


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A Simple Truth…

“Learning to think critically, always working to be better at it, then combining numerous, often conflicting, media sources with critical thinking, to become ACTUALLY informed,” is a nice summary of “The Basic Responsibility of All American Citizens.”


If all American citizens were to take this responsibility seriously, the Democrat Party’s electoral viability would evaporate overnight.


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Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XI)

Pithy Passages From Our Pages (Part XI)

At its very best, Socialism thoroughly stifles economic, social and political mobility through massive regulation and and bureaucratic overload. Socialism’s answer to the  phrase: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer” is, “The rich get poor and the poor stay poor… except, that is, for a tiny minority of fabulously wealthy at the top.” Socialists call this: “Progress.”


Socialists are idiots.

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