Can We All Take a Brief Moment to Take Stock…

… of all the prominent Leftish personalities and luminaries who have been caught up committing the sins of which they accuse Right-wing people all the time?

How time and time and time and time again, we’re caught speculating, “Will he (some leftist) lose his job over this obvious corruption (or abuse, or violation, or crime [Andrew Cuomo], or nitwittery)?

Conversely, can we take a moment to consider the tiny number of Rightish people caught up in the same net? The net they’re constantly accused of always being in?

But, the list of Lefties?!? Holy mackerel!!!

It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and… well, you get the point. Whoopi Goldberg is only one in a long, long, long list of many. For example: practically the entire employee base of CNN. Certainly the entire management group of CNN! Can there be any doubt that the management group of MSNBC is also composed of a bunch of perverts, abusers, harassers, gropers, rapists, fondlers, and deviants? The same would be true for NPR, CBS, ABC, NBC and so on. Certainly it’s true of the muckety-mucks of Hollywood, academia, and Social Media!

The easier question might be which leftish personalities have not been caught up in either sex, or corruption, or infidelity, or abuse, or other scandals? You might be able to count them on the fingers of one hand. A hand that’s lost a finger or two!

The reason, of course, is simple: If you have a terrible character flaw, then:

(1) It’s easy for you to imagine that others — likely many others! — have that same flaw.

(2) Furthermore, you want to make sure that no one catches you in your flaw, so…

(3) You constantly point at others, accusing them of exhibiting the flaw.

And, of course, you point the finger at those with whom you disagree.

Psychologists call it: Projection. But those might be some of the components of projection.

RIGHT-wingers don’t make the same accusations, for the same reason: they (generally) don’t have the character flaws that Leftists have (which is often why leftists are leftists) so they have trouble imagining that others have those flaws.

Most of us, for example, were genuinely shocked when Andrew Cuomo was caught up in the sexual harassment net. Every last one of us thought at least once: “Are you kidding?!?

Didn’t he understand? All of us men understand the temptation that a beautiful women represents, and we all understand that (1) it’d be morally wrong to act on that temptation, and (2) if we were to act on that temptation, we’d be risking both our professional and personal lives. So we — quite easily — dismiss the temptation without acting on it.

For Cuomo there was no excuse, save one: He had a sufficient degree of confidence that he’d get away with it. That’s all.

He certainly couldn’t pretend to plead “ignorance of the law,” or ignorance of the national politico-socio-cultural landscape of this nation (as he tried to do). This was a guy entirely immersed in the political, social and cultural structures of this nation from a very early age.

So…. how on earth?!?

Answer: Because they think they can. And they think they can get away scot-free with it. This might be changing. If so, we need to push and push and push to make it so, to make it happen sooner rather than later.

– xPraetorius


One thought on “Can We All Take a Brief Moment to Take Stock…

  1. I contend and believe it to be true that we cannot identify characteristics in another that we ourselves don’t have- which you point out. and when we are plagued with something in our own character that we can’t face, we are consumed with the flaws in others.

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