Two Thought-Provoking Videos

To those in this audience, I’d issue a challenge: Can you think of public policy prescriptions that might acknowledge the scientific fact of the basic differences between societal groups, AND configure society so that it offers all people a reasonable chance at prosperity, happiness, safety and security… the American Dream? Continue reading Two Thought-Provoking Videos


An RGI Sampler (Part III)

In this series we’ve begun to expose some of the loopy thinking in the Race Grievance Industry. we find it all over the place. It’s generally stupid, delusional, ridiculous, wildly paranoid and… kinda pathetic. Oh, and deeply racist. Don’t forget: THESE are the ones calling WHITE Americans racists! This is the new racism, and it comes — as we predicted — waving the banner of anti-racism. Don’t forget: these are the ones calling WHITE Americans racists!    Continue reading An RGI Sampler (Part III)