Why The Right Always Wins Arguments With The Left

Here’s yet another great column by the wonderful Jonah Goldberg. The Great Goldberg was talking about the upcoming fight over the next Supreme Court nomination that President Trump will make. Here’s a key passage from that essay, that explains why we on the Right fairly easily win every argument we have with the Left.

This morning I heard New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters describe a text message he got from a Democratic political consultant who said something like, “This is really bad because the Republicans are so much better at this than we are.” Well, the reason the Republicans are better at it than the Democrats is that the Republicans have to be. Since the borking of Robert Bork, the GOP has had one trial-by-fire in the confirmation process after another, while Democratic appointees have generally had an easy time of it. The GOP has been generally bipartisan and deferential about Democratic nominees while the Democrats have been vicious and conniving, operating on the assumption that they have some greater ownership of the Supreme Court. That builds battle scars and operational experience that comes in handy down the road. [Red highlight added.]

My red-highlighted part is very similar to what we’ve been saying here for a very long time:

Leftist ideas are old, fat, flaccid, weak, feeble. It’s because those ideas go unchallenged in all the places where they should be most vigorously challenged: academia, the press, Hollywood, pop culture. While Conservative ideas are attacked from all those same angles, as well as from others, as soon as they emerge.

The result: we on the Right are constantly honing, and adjusting, and re-adjusting, and adding and discarding, testing, testing and re-testing, until we have something that’s coherent and makes sense. We actually like to test out ideas, because we love the challenge of actually solving problems. The Left wants power.

It’s easy to see this: From what side of the political world come all the name-calling, the insults, the jeering, the violence, the demonization? From which side of the political world come all the things that are irrelevant, and are themselves signs that the ones saying and doing them are out of arguments?

In case you were wondering what the answer to those questions actually is: All that irrelevant, feebleness-signalling sludge comes from the Left.

Unfortunately, though, since the press, Hollywood, academia and most of pop culture are of the Left, they think that it’s all ever so deep and wise, and they produce reports and propaganda to that effect. Which all means that those who are too lazy, busy, disinclined or preoccupied, risk being persuaded by transparently stupid leftist codswallop.

— xPraetorius



One thought on “Why The Right Always Wins Arguments With The Left

  1. Good post again x. I always tell my leftist friends, the ones I can actually have conversations with anyway, that we on the right have a tremendous advantage because we know the liberal position inside and out, as it’s been drummed in to our heads by the media, Hollywood, schools etc…since birth. It allows us to better hone our arguments as you stated and to figure out better what it is we actually believe in.

    They always immediately shut down after liberalism saturate our culture like the air we breath. They just don’t believe it is so, because they don’t think their beliefs are political, just the “good and moral” way one should be. Sigh.

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