I’m Amazed At The Extent To Which…

… the political Left is absolutely dependent on the bald-faced (bold-faced?) lie, as the primary foundation for its argumentation!

Example: the promiscuous use of the slur “anti-vaxxer” to discredit obviously pro-vaccine people who object only to the Covid vaccines, that have long been demonstrated — by highly respected experts in epidemiology, in evolutionary biology, in medicine — as not safe and not effective, and not even, really… vaccines!

But, everyone must get jabbed, or else they’re what? Why racists, of course! Sexists, natch! Misogynists without a doubt!

Look at debates on anything related to economics. How soon into the debate does the Left side bring up racism? Sexism? Misogyny? Homophobia? Islamophobia? Yadda yadda yadda? And all the rest?

Look at debates on, say, education. Same question: How soon after the beginning does the Left side of the debate signal that they’re going to pollute the discussion with irrelevant and scurrilous attacks on the motives of the people on the political Right side of the debate?

Nowadays, you can find that in debates about anything! For example: whether we should eat meat or not. In a recent debate on the topic at the Oxford Forum, the left side said — actually said — that eating meat was an act suffused with (of course!) racism, sexism, misogyny, white supremacy and patriarchy. (I think I got the list right)

As soon as it became clear that the Canadian Truckers’ protest had serious legs in Canada, out came the same old tired lies and slanders: and right from the mouth of Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister!

Ostensibly this vacuous, empty-headed moron is the Prime Minister of all Canadians. Trudeau brought them all out: Racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, transphobic… probably others too, but most observers were asleep by the time “homo…” had rolled around.

Finally, it’s appearing that someone — it’s looking like the government — has planted some deadly weapons near or on the site of one of the truckers’ border protests.

Sorry, it’s just not remotely credible that this completely peaceful, entirely non-violent protest, a protest involving millions of Canadians, that has resulted in zero injuries, in zero property damage, would all of a sudden be in possession of… a cache of guns and ammunition.

If it turns out that the government did plant the weapons, that would mean that the Left (Trudeau is a committed far leftist) isn’t worried about using lies, dishonesty and fraud of any kind in pretending to try to make their case.

It’s this last that’s particularly remarkable. At this point, the Left is no longer even trying to “make a case,” — on just about any issue! — but rather to see at what point they need to inject the slur, so that the media can report how effectively they “made the case.”

When’s the last time that the Biden Administration actually tried to make a cogent case for an initiative? Without name-calling? Without demonizing opposing viewpoints?

All this is particularly rich, coming from the Left, a bunch that is overstuffed with child molesters (CNN on air personnel and staff), rapists (the President, and prominent Democrats around the country) racists (Trudeau, and prominent black-faced Democrats and leftist entertainers) #MeToo offenders (nearly all of leftist Hollywood, and huge numbers of prominent Democrat elected officials), perverts (again, huge numbers of prominent Democrats), frauds (prominent Democrat elected officials), harassers (same group), women of easy virtue (the Vice-President, and others) and a vast array of other deviants.

There is a reason, by the way, for this reliance on lies in argumentation: the fact that leftist “arguments” (when they finally get down to actually doing any arguing) can’t win the day against opposing or Conservative arguments.

It’d be like me playing tennis against Roger Federer. The only way I could possibly beat Roger would be to accomplish two things (1) injure him in some way, and (2) get away with it.

Well, for the Left, the injury is the lie, or the slander, or the scurrilous, irrelevant accusation, or the attack on someone’s character. The “getting away with it” is the media’s cheerleading for the lie, and reporting that the lie is both true and proves the Leftist’s point.

– xPraetorius


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