<i>Jussie Smollett</i> Did The <b><i>Real</i></b> Lynching

Jussie Smollett Did The Real Lynching

Will Smollett go to jail for his disgusting racist crime? Or will Chicago law enforcement again bend over backward to try not to look racist or homophobic? The Left have already done what they can to say, “Well, it wasn’t right, what he did, but you can certainly understand it!”  Nope. I can’t. If you can understand perpetrating a fraud that you know will cause harm to millions of innocent people, in order to get more money, then you have a serious problem.  Smollett’s crime proved pretty conclusively that the basic premise on which he committed it is false. In a truly oppressive country, you don’t need to fabricate oppression. It’s a feature of the system.

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RGI Watch — A Racist Attacks Us

And again, Brothawolf (BW) never actually addressed the core issue: White racism is just not a big problem in America today, and Larry Elder, a highly intelligent black American man agrees with us. Why does Brothawolf constantly dodge the real question? If, as BW insists, there’s so much “evidence” and so much “empirical data” to back up his points, where is it? Why do we see and hear only BW’s constant whining? And his evasion of the issues and of the real question?

Brothawolf: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing.

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Black Racists <b><i>Created</i></b> White Nationalists

Black Racists Created White Nationalists

Black racists: you don’t like white nationalists? I don’t either, but I didn’t help make ’em…. you did! You’ve been telling all white people that they’re racists because they’re white, and that you hate racism, and that, therefore, you hate white racists… and, by the way, all white people are racists… How did you not understand that you were busily making White Nationalists?!?  

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An Important Note About Leftist and RGI Propaganda

An Important Note About Leftist and RGI Propaganda

Essence magazine was apparently able to fit the names and the details surrounding the deaths of all the black women who died in police interactions in a six-year period… into an article that can be comfortably read in five minutes. The feature is a story of sadness and tragedy that reveals a truly happy thing: As a black woman, you’re in far more danger from walking along the sidewalk or eating your dinner than from interacting with the police. You have a far greater chance of winning the lottery than of dying in a police incident. So, go out and buy a lottery ticket and say, “Hi!” to a cop on the way. Continue reading An Important Note About Leftist and RGI Propaganda