I Feel Trump’s Pain

The Left USED to fight dirty… but now that we on the Right have ways to push back, the Left make dirty fighting look like a tennis match between well-dressed gentlemen 100 years ago. And the crap tsunami directed at Trump is just more of this new ultra-dirty fighting that the Left have embraced to such violent effect all over America. It’s what they’ve been doing rhetorically for a long time now to all Conservatives, as well as to me and to my colleagues here in our small but increasingly influential think tank. It’s because they don’t have anything substantive to say or do… but they still want power. It’s all the Left ever want. Continue reading I Feel Trump’s Pain

NPR Watch (4/20/17) – NPR Speaks Approvingly of Grand Theft

I wonder what NPR would have thought of, say, someone who hypothetically became a Conservative legend after having financed his magazine with counterfeit money. What if NPR found out, for example, that William F. Buckley had used a million bucks in counterfeit cash to launch National Review? Do you think NPR would have thought that was just a clever bunch of people finding a clever way to launch their Conservative media empire? Or, do you think rather that NPR might have been in scornful high dudgeon, insisting that the right-winger was really nothing more than a criminal, and a fraud?

Yeah… that last is a lot more likely. Continue reading NPR Watch (4/20/17) – NPR Speaks Approvingly of Grand Theft