It’s Been Quite Clear For A Long Time Now…

… the real “misinformation” and “disinformation” are coming from the official sources of the accepted narrative. From the Fauci’s and the governments, from the media and their censors, from the Social Media oligarchs and their censors.

These people are now spreading only official-line propaganda.

It’s coming from the very ones whining the loudest about vaccine and mask misinformation and disinformation. From the very ones trying to shut down alternate sources of information; trying to shut down people like Bret Weinstein, Joe Rogan, et al.

How can you know this? Well, Brian Stelter gave away the game on his criticism of Joe Rogan a few days back. He said that organizations like CNN — his workplace — have whole departments entirely devoted to checking the validity of stories, while Rogan is “just winging it.”

Well, the point is that Rogan makes no pretense whatsoever of telling anything to anyone. Hence, he can’t be winging it, because he’s not saying anything. He’s… asking. It’s a crucial distinction. It means that Rogan considers himself nothing more than an interviewer.

As an interviewer, Rogan asked the inventor of some of the technologies used to make the mRNA “vaccine” some pointed questions, to which this world-renowned expert provided what turned out to be a controversial answer. But, and this is important, all Rogan did was ask a question of an expert. Sorry… that’s not winging it, and Stelter (1) either knew that and was lying through his teeth, or (2) is too stupid to have known it, and demonstrated it right there.

Either way, the real mis- and disinformation is, plainly, coming from the official sources of the accepted narrative, not from the Joe Rogan’s of the world.

– xPraetorius


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